December 2018 Life Update

Merry Christmas!!! First things first. 2018 has been the best year of my life. I’ve been basically asymptomatic, off of all medications, and feeling better than I ever thought possible. I haven’t been depressed since last February. That’s coming up on a year free of depression. I literally didn’t think that was possible. This Christmas was the best my Dad and I have felt ever. That should be the takeaway here. It’s winter, we aren’t on antidepressants and we had a Read More

Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Diet – Zero Carb

Hi guys So Dad’s going on the zero carb diet – that’s the all meat, carnivore diet. With salt and sparkling water. Why? He had good results with the previous diets. In the greater scheme of things, I would say excellent results. We managed to keep the extreme depressive episodes away, he’s off medication, he lost 50+ pounds, his autoimmune symptoms went away. All in all, great results. So why the change? He’s doing it for almost the same reason Read More

Debunked – The China Study

I’m going to keep this EXTREMELY brief, and very simplified. If it’s too simplified for people’s liking let me know, but I don’t want to bog people down with information. Comment with thoughts, suggestions, other studies you’d like to know about, or more areas to read about the china study. What is The China Study? When discussing an all meat diet, I’ve heard The China Study brought up numerous times. I wouldn’t say all of the science in it is bad, Read More

Zero Carb – The Carnivore Diet

So I’m onto the next stage of food weirdness. I’m on day 5 of only eating meat. What is the Zero Carb Diet? Literally, it’s people who only eat meat and animal products (this can include dairy). Obviously, it won’t include dairy for me. I still think dairy is evil. Some people have been doing this diet for 20 years. There are tribes that only eat meat as well (Inuit, Massai, etc.) How do they not get scurvy and vitamin Read More

Filtered Water

I used to scoff at filtered water, and I actually liked the taste of tap water better. I haven’t done much research into why you should drink filtered water but I can tell you from personal experience, it upsets my stomach. Even worse, I made a bunch of chicken broth when I was pregnant to freeze, and for the first batches, I used regular tap water in it. I figured because I was boiling it, it would get rid of Read More


The good news is, even though we are so sensitive to food, alcohol doesn’t seem to be a problem! Rejoice in small miracles. The bad news is its dependant on the type of alcohol.   Here are the ones that are okay: Whiskey (Bourbon and American Whiskey labeled “straight” whiskey. Most other whiskeys have caramel colouring made from burnt sugars.) Vodka – Make sure it’s unflavoured. Ciroc (original) is excellent. The above doesn’t make us react because they’ve been distilled so many Read More

Top foods to avoid (if you don’t want to do an elimination diet)

If doing an all out elimination diet isn’t feasible for you, or if you’re relatively healthy and just looking to improve your energy or lose a few pounds, avoid these foods: Gluten – You know those stereotypical Californian girls who don’t eat gluten “because it makes you fat” but they don’t exactly know what it is? Well they were right anyways. He who laughs last right? Anyways, gluten is composed of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin. It looks like gliadin Read More

Jordan Peterson’s Diet – September 2017

Dad suffered from a number of health problems. He had GERD, minor psoriasis, mouth ulcers, fatigue and had an extremely hard time losing weight. He stopped eating desserts, went without sugar, and tried exercising. The worst health problem was severe depression. It seems to run in our family. When I started figuring out my problems were caused by food, and my depression lifted, I convinced dad to go on the same diet. The first year he lost 50 pounds. No Read More

How is it normal to feel after cutting out foods?

You won’t feel better right away. The first two weeks can be hard. Sugar cravings (carbs, chips, soda, sugar) and dairy cravings (cheese) are intense. I also had soy cravings. These fade off in a couple of weeks but don’t underestimate them. Make sure you eat enough. If you’re craving foods just eat more. It doesn’t get rid of the cravings but it helps, and then you won’t be as likely to cave when you get hungry. I started feeling Read More

Simplified Science Behind Gluten

I typed up a short intro on why gluten is bad for you and what it’s doing to peoples bodies. Zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells in the digestive tract. (See tight junction below.) Tight junctions stop macromolecules from leaking into your body from your gut. They’re supposed to be pretty much impermeable to macromolecules to avoid triggering the immune system. Zonulin lets some macromolecules through when it’s activated.) Nutrients from the gut are mainly Read More