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Opposing Views: Assisted Dying – Mercy or Murder?

In this episode of the Opposing Views series, I spoke with Dr. Ellen Wiebe and Dr. Mark Pickering about the ethics and legalities behind medical assistance in dying (MAID). We talked about the arguments for and against making MAID available, which demographics are asking for it, the potential risks, and which countries allow it.

Dr. Ellen Wiebe is a clinical professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia. After 30 years of full-service family practice, she now restricts her practice to women’s health and assisted death.

Dr. Mark Pickering is a general practitioner of family medicine. His clinical work is mainly in prisons and other secure environments, and he is also head of the Christian Medical Fellowship in the UK.

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[0:00] Intro
[0:43] Dr. Ellen Wiebe Intro and Background
[1:49] Legislation Allowing Assisted Death in Canada
[8:42] Why Dr. Wiebe Enjoys Her Work
[11:33] Which Demographics Choose Assisted Death and Why
[13:59] Mental Illness and Assisted Death
[18:02] Conditions for Assisted Death
[20:43] Timeline of Legalities for Assisted Death
[27:00] Can Doctors Suggest Assisted Death?
[28:20] Diagnosis and Human Rights
[33:42] Dr. Mark Pickering Intro and Background
[34:30] What Is Medical Assisted Dying?
[37:05] What Is Currently Legal in the UK?
[39:12] Euthanasia vs. Assisted Dying
[40:57] The Argument Against Assisted Death
[44:42] Chronic Pain and the Slippery Slope
[48:44] What About Switzerland, Belgium and Holland?
[53:09] Assisted Death And Dementia
[55:56] Organ Donation in Canada
[57:47] Mental Illness as a Condition for Assisted Death
[1:01:23] The Push Back Against Assisted Death
[1:04:54] How Does Faith Impact This Discussion?