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Opposing Views: Immigration

In this episode of Opposing Views, Mikhaila hosts Alex Nowrasteh (Director of Economic and Social Policy at Cato Institute) and Mark Krikorian (Executive Director at the Center for Immigration Studies) to discuss their perspectives on immigration.

We covered (il)legal immigration and how it relates to religious differences, crime, education, visas, the economy, and much more.

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Read “Open Immigration: Yea & Nay” by Alex Nowrasteh and Mark Krikorian


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[00:oo] Intro

[00:49] Krikorian’s Views

[01:10] Mass Immigration

[02:44] Slowing Down

[05:38] Immigration Policy

[08:34] Krikorian Addresses Nowrasteh

[11:35] Skilled Workers I

[14:32] Restrictive Immigration

[18:58] Immigration & Crime

[20:02] Sanctuaries I

[22:20] Illegal Immigrants I

[23:36] The Immigration Reform and Control Act

[24:55] Illegal Immigration Systems

[29:14] Overstaying Visas

[31:39] Sanctuaries II

[36:15] Adjusting Policies

[36:55] Immigration & Donuts

[38:42] Intro to Alex Nowrasteh

[39:22] Nowrasteh’s Views

[40:13] Relative Wage Gains

[42:49] Immigration & Freedom

[45:31] Education

[47:47] Religious Differences

[52:14] Illegal Immigrants II

[54:27] In Hindsight…

[57:30] Comparing Views

[01:00:49] Increased Supply & Entrepreneurship

[01:02:01] Skilled Workers II

[01:06:31] Immigration & Crime

[01:11:07] Conviction Rates

[01:12:03] Skilled Workers III

[01:13:34] Visas

[01:17:21] Immigration & Chaos

[01:24:11] Outro

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