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Opposing Views: Islam - The End of Europe?

In this episode of Opposing Views, we explore Islam as a religious and cultural phenomenon. Mikhaila asks her guests about peace, religious differences, violence, treatment of women, nonbelievers, Sharia, the veil, and much more.

Mohammed Hijab is an author and philosopher of religion who seeks to spread a better understanding of traditionalist Islam while engaging with prominent thinkers and philosophers around the globe. He is a co-founder of the Sapiens Institute.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an activist, feminist, author, scholar, and former politician best known for activism against women’s treatment in Islam. She just published ‘Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights’ and has her own podcast about politics and religion.

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[0:00] Intro

[02:52] Ayaan Hirsi Ali

[04:37] Ayaan’s Experience & Views

[06:25] Living with Radical Muslims

[08:23] Intro to Mohammed Hijab

[09:05] Hijab vs. Ali I

[09:35] Mohammed’s Experience

[11:38] Superiority of Islam

[13:36] Misogyny I

[15:31] Sharia

[23:13] Hijab vs. Ali II

[25:01] Nonbelievers

[34:00] Misogyny II

[41:06] The Veil

[42:20] Misogyny III

[45:11] Islam’s Spread

[48:34] Islam in Europe

[52:48] Rate of Growth

[58:25] Al-Qaeda & ISIS

[01:04:11] Islam & Christianity

[01:11:02] Violence

[01:12:31] Wisdom

[01:15:22] Western Democracy & Islam

[01:23:02] Peaceful Coexistence

[01:30:45] Closing Thoughts: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

[01:32:01] Closing Thoughts: Mohammed Hijab

[01:32:03] Outro

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