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Opposing Views: Is Drag Appropriate for Kids?

In this episode of the Opposing Views series, I spoke with John Casey and Bryan Slaton about the appropriateness of kids attending Drag Shows. We talked about the extreme political polarization surrounding Drag Shows, their history in the U.S., what age is appropriate for someone to attend a Drag Show, the responsibility of parents, and so much more. 

John Casey is the Lead Columnist and Editor-at-Large for The Advocate, the oldest and largest LGBTQ news site in the U.S. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Wagner College in New York City teaching in the Masters of Media Management Program. John’s work has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the New York Post, New York Daily News, Pittsburgh Magazine, Adweek, PR Week, IndieWire, Smashing Magazine, and The Ladders.

Bryan Slaton is a Texas State Representative. Before entering public office, he was a youth and family minister, and he holds a Master’s in Divinity degree in biblical languages. As a State Representative, he works on the Corrections and Urban Affairs Committees. Representative Slaton describes himself as a Christian Conservative, proud Texan, and a defender of liberty. 

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[0:00] Intro
[4:28] Introducing John Casey
[6:32] Differences Between Drag Shows and Drag Storytime
[7:57] Should Kids Be Exposed to Drag Shows?
[9:16] Its the Parents’ Decision
[10:14] Legislation to Restrict Drag Shows like Strip Clubs
[12:23] The Recent Increase in Trans Youth and Ideology
[14:36] The Parents’ Roll in Minors Transitioning
[17:52] Vaudeville: the History of Drag Shows in the United States
[24:28] Kids Attending Drag Shows is Uncommon
[26:40] The Politicization of Drag Queens
[28:24] Celebrate Drag, but with Age Restrictions
[31:06] Drag is Not Innately Sexual
[33:14] Bias in Conservative Media
[34:49] Grooming
[36:39] LGBTQ Disagreements About the Appropriateness of Drag Storytime
[38:06] Closing Comments with John Casey

[41:12] Introducing Bryan Slaton
[44:08] The History of Drag Shows and How Drag has Gone Too Far
[37:38] Similarities Between Drag Shows and Strip Clubs
[45:45] Tolerance: a Pretense for Normalization
[49:48] Consensus About Drag Shows in the LGBTQ Community
[50:55] Concerns About Pedophilia
[53:31] The Appropriateness of Drag Queen Storytime for Kids
[54:45] Legislation Protecting Kids from Drag Shows in Texas
[56:32] Why Drag is an Issue Now
[57:36] The Actions of Parents
[1:02:18] Age Requirements for Attending Drag Shows
[1:03:54] Parents’ Difficulties Avoiding Drag in Pop Culture
[1:06:24] Gender Modification: What if You’re Wrong?
[1:08:05] Public Schools: a Battleground for the Future
[1:10:34] An Appropriate Way to Teach Kids
[1:13:26] Loving One Another
[1:15:28] Closing Comments with Bryan Slayton

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