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Opposing Views: Is Home-Schooling Better?

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In this episode of Opposing Views, Dr. T. Jamerson Brewer, T. J. Schmidt, and I discuss homeschooling: home vs. public education, socializing kids, curriculum ideology, factors to academic success, ideology, and much more.

T. Jameson Brewer, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Social Foundations. He received his Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies from the U of Illinois.

T. J. Schmidt earned his Juris doctor from Oak Brook College of Law. As an HSLDA attorney, T. J. helps people with legal questions and challenges surrounding homeschooling.

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Show Notes


[00:00] Intro

[2:30] Introducing T. J. Schmidt

[3:00] Why homeschool?

[4:30] “We made the decision because we both had a great experience growing up homeschooled” – T. J. Schmidt

[05:00] Main arguments against homeschooling [05:30] TJ retells a day of homeschooling with his family

[08:00] States where homeschooling is illegal

[10:00] Is every parent qualified to teach?

[11:00] “Homeschooling isn’t easy [or] for everyone, but anyone can homeschool regardless of background” –

12:30] Homeschool, isolation, and echo chambers [13:00] Do people who homeschool make more on average?

[15:30] Typically, “homeschool families aren’t as well off as their neighbors” – TJ

[16:30] Combined schooling methods [18:30] COVID & hybrid homeschooling

[20:30] Home vs. public curriculum

[21:30] “Most states [have compulsory subjects] It is up to the parent, however, what material they use to teach that” – TJ

[23:30] How expensive is it?

[26:00] Ideology & teaching

[27:30] Parents & trickle-down opinions on (potentially touchy) subjects

[28:30] “Homeschooling isn’t about [religion]” – TJ [30:00] Wrapping up

[32:30] “We are doing [it] because we love our children and we want them to be successful” – TJ

[33:00] “There’s no research on homeschooling being any more dangerous” – TJ

[38:00] Brewer’s take on homeschooling

[38:30] “It’s the quintessential iteration of school choice and it’s also one of the oldest forms of schooling” – Jameson Brewer

[41:00] “As a parent, I have the option to homeschool. And I have specifically chosen not to because I don’t believe [it’s] the best way” – JB

[42:30] Public school: Origins

[43:00] Should certain educational guidelines be endorsed by the government?

[43:30] “In almost every state, it is exceedingly easy [to homeschool]” – JB

[47:00] Brewer’s data-plea to the homeschoolers [47:30] Efficacy of public vs. homeschooling

[48:00] Based on self-reports, homeschooled kids “are doing better than their public school peers” – JB

[49:30] “Homeschool families typically [make x2 or x3 the] household income” – JB

[50:30] Religion, politics, and other homeschool rationales

[51:00] Is socialization a problem?

[52:30] Public & Homeschooling: 2 shades of echo chamber?

[57:00] Should we get to choose what we learn?

[58:30] Lower-income households & the value of a quality education

[1:02:30] CRT (critical race theory) in public education

[1:04:30] Could homeschooling gain cred via compulsory, standardized testing?

[1:05:00] “Testing for the sake of testing… isn’t typically beneficial” – JB

[1:05:30] How can people return to a system they don’t believe in?

[1:07:30] “I think the media has certainly played a role in hyping up the myth of the failed school” – JB

[1:09:00] How is the curriculum chosen?

[1:10:30] Curriculum differences

[1:12:30] Closing thoughts

[1:13:30] “We need to understand that public schools [are] the better opportunity… better than a child kept at home” – JB

[01:15:00] Farewells Congratulations to Salissa Souto for successfully guessing today’s episode in the telegram group! –​​

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