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Opposing Views: Is Critical Race Theory Solving Anything?

In this episode of Opposing Views, James Lindsay and Ian Kochinski, better known as Vaush, joined me to discuss Critical Race Theory.


We covered a range of topics surrounding CRT, starting of course with what it is and what it’s trying to solve, where it’s being taught, the agenda behind it, and what we can do about it. But we also touch on related topics like social biases, anti-capitalism, and the idea of whiteness / the over-focus on race that’s so prevalent today.


James Lindsay is an American author, mathematician, and political commentator. He is known for having co-authored a series of hoax papers for social science journals, perhaps the best-known being “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct” and the one where “unwanted humping” at dog parks was observed day in and day out, resulting in an informed breakdown of how men would benefit from being trained like dogs.


Vaush is an American left-wing YouTuber known for his advocating libertarian market socialism. He has popular debates on his channel as well, often against other YouTubers.




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[0:00] Intro

[02:40] Intro to James Lindsay

[05:04] What CRT is; what it’s trying to solve

[08:30] “CRT is calling everything you want to control racist until you control it.” – JL

[08:35] Isn’t C.R.T. a way to even the scales for people that have had it harder?

[14:54] Are educators aware of what they are teaching?

[18:12] “The ideology itself is psychopathic, so people who engage with it reproduce its psychopathy whether they are psychopaths or not.” – JL

[21:52] Strategic equivocation, paralogy, and the multiple meanings behind the words being used in C.R.T.

[27:55] Global tyranny

[28:32] Link to Opposing Views: Vaccine Passports

[28:40] How far are we entrenched in CRT? Where is it being taught?

[32:27] What whiteness means

[34:11] Entryism and how far has CRT has made it into the institutions and military

[37:17] The state of Canada

[37:37] What can people do?

[43:55] What happens if we don’t do anything?

[46:01] ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

[49:56] Where to Find James


[52:15] Introduction to Vaush

[52:47] What is Critical Race Theory and what is it trying to solve?

[54:00] Where C.R.T. comes from and is it just a way to get Marxism into America?

[54:55] “When we talk about young people, like middle schoolers being taught critical race theory, it’s kind of like saying they are being taught astrophysics because they are learning about arithmetic.” – Vaush

[55:45] Why is it necessary to teach this to children?

[57:15] Redlining and social biases

[58:43] What are the solutions?

[59:13] “The goal should be total freedom for everyone. Everyone should be elevated; you never want to fix a systemic problem by dragging one group down.” – Vaush

[01:03:54] Is C.R.T. Marxism disguised and taking over the states?

[01:04:18] Mikhaila’s problem with C.R.T. and why don’t we focus on the actual issues, instead of race?

[01:08:00] Isn’t it better to teach people how to overcome disadvantages instead of teaching the victim mentality?

[01:11:08] The agenda of the people teaching C.R.T.

[01:11:59] In regards to C.R.T. being taught in middle school. “The issue is a lot of this stuff is just, let’s be real, being taught by over-earnest white progressive Karen’s.”

[01:14:09] C.R.T. in corporations

[01:14:33] E.S.G. scores

[01:23:58] Is C.R.T. wrapped up with Gender studies in kindergarteners?

[01:24:40] C.R.T. and Equality of opportunity

[01:28:34] Does teaching C.R.T. reduce racism?

[01:32:00] What fighting against racism looks like.

[01:36:52] Is the amount of time to educate people about fairness worth it?

[01:42:28] What’s the anti-capitalism solution?

[01:45:46] Is the way education is being presented in college manipulating to students?

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