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Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian-born podcaster, founder, CEO, lifestyle and diet researcher, mother, and speaker. 

She hosts the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast – an interview style podcast sprinkled with solo episodes covering topics ranging from cutting edge health information to news to relationship and psychological advice. Her series “Opposing Views” brings on experts of their field to discuss contentious subjects with contrary beliefs to one another, with the goal of inspiring people to form their own educated opinion. 

From age 2 until her young adult years she suffered from severe juvenile idiopathic arthritis, idiopathic hypersomnia and severe depression. She had her hip and ankle replaced at age 17 due to the severity of the arthritis which was active in 37 of her joints and not successfully treatable with medication.
When she was 23 she put her disorders into remission and got off immunosuppressants, antidepressants, and a number of other medications used to control her inflammatory responses by using an extremely strict paleo diet. Getting off of antidepressants caused 2 years of hellish antidepressant withdrawal. 

At age 25 she had a baby, and started managing/growing her father Jordan B Peterson’s brand and companies, including managing PR, strategy, negotiations, and social media. 

That same year, 2017, she developed the Lion Diet to treat the lingering antidepressant damage/withdrawal. There’s a longer description of her illnesses on that website. The Lion Diet is a ruminant meat ketogenic, carnivorous, elimination diet that can be used to treat autoimmunity, psychiatric disorders, obesity (among other chronic health issues), and identify food sensitivities. It’s helped tens of thousands of people who had similar health issues. Hopefully the medical community will take it seriously one day. She’s been on the lion diet since 2017. Information is available at including instructions on how to do the lion diet, recipes, an extensive FAQ, a blog, and links to the facebook groups Don’t Eat That and The Lion Diet as well as a Lion Diet friendly restaurant locator.

At age 30 she launched Fuller Health, a supplement and product brand that produces pure non-toxic supplements and eventually products. Its first product is After Party – made for improving your mornings after drinking by helping you break down acetaldehyde. All of Fuller Health’s future products will be pure, with no fillers, excipients, or unnecessary ingredients, just third party tested pure ingredients for sensitive people. She started this company because of her inability to tolerate fillers and excipients in most supplements.

At age 31 she put together to help people with illnesses caused by environmental toxins (such as mold toxicity), and currently believes that was the main culprit behind her and her family’s multiple chronic illnesses. Information on the website includes an in-depth guide to CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome caused by toxins such as mold, bacteria, lyme, VOC’s, etc.), an extensive catalog of peer reviewed studies, treatment, physicians and an FAQ that includes cleaning protocols. 

She’s currently co-founder and CEO of Peterson Academy, an online education platform launching spring 2024. Peterson Academy produces 8 hour courses from world renowned professors to provide affordable education to anyone, and includes a community feature to allow students to connect with each other. She also manages her father, Jordan B Peterson’s companies and brand.

Mikhaila’s main goal is to help people become resilient, and recognize how much control they have over their own life, to encourage others to take responsibility for their physical and mental health, and to help show people that they have the power to better their lives, regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt. You never know what level you can reach if you decide to put in the work.