I was an incredibly ill individual. I had signs of joint pain by the age of two. When I was seven I was diagnosed with extremely severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA). My doctor counted thirty-seven joints that were actively inflamed. I had over 10 joints injected with cortisol multiple times. I was prescribed Methotrexate, Naproxen, and became the first kid in Canada to be medicated with Enbrel, an immune suppressant. At age 8, I was injecting myself with these medications at home twice a week. My health continued to decline, and at age 12 I was diagnosed with severe depression, experienced hypomanic episodes (bipolar type II), and suffered from fairly severe OCD tendencies.


I was medicated with a high dose of Celexa (an SSRI) and Wellbutrin to keep my mental condition stable. At age 14, the chronic fatigue and a severe body itch set in. When I was 17 I had my hip and ankle joints replaced. The cartilage had been eaten away by the arthritis that wasn’t being controlled properly, despite the heavy medications. I spent a year on a high dose of OxyContin waiting for and getting my joints replaced. It was hell.

When I went to university I continued to struggle with worsening chronic fatigue, severe depression, itching, and a myriad of other health symptoms - mouth ulcers, floaters, bleeding gums, nails that wouldn’t grow, restless legs, brain fog, nose bleeds, thinning hair, weight gain, just to name a few of the horrible symptoms.

I started experiencing rashes and blisters, and just before my 22nd birthday, my skin stopped healing. It was at that point that it finally occurred to me that whatever was happening was likely going to end in my death, and rather soon. After almost 20 years, the medical community still had no answers for me. I went back to school and started to read every scientific article I could get my hands on. After years of desperate research, I started experimenting with my diet. It took a long time to believe diet could play a role in my (and such a major role) in my health.

In 2015 I removed most of the foods in my diet and I started eating something resembling (what would later be called) an extremely restrictive paleo diet. This miraculously resolved all of my symptoms and I was able to get off the medications I was on and stay symptom free. However, every time I’d try to reintroduce a food, all my symptoms would return in full, and I would be back in hell again. The recovery would take 3 weeks, and only if I, again, religiously followed my strict diet.

When I got pregnant in 2016 my symptoms came back. I proceeded towards an even more restrictive dairy-free keto-style diet of meat and greens in 2017 during the pregnancy but that didn't get rid of my symptoms.

In December 2017 I came to the harsh realization that my truly “safe” foods were limited solely to ruminant meat (beef, lamb, etc.) It turned out that my body was reacting to compounds in plants and even most non-ruminant animal meat.

Within a few weeks of an all-ruminant meat diet, the depression I had experienced as a child, teenager, and during pregnancy (only briefly under control with the original paleo diet) started to disappear. My other health issues began to improve as well, starting with the itching and lingering joint pain. Now, as long as I follow my diet, I am completely symptom-free (although I do get flare-ups if I get a virus), and have been symptom-free for over two years on an all meat diet. It's the only diet you can use to eliminate (almost) all dietary factors that could be contributing to your health problems. Ruminant meat, salt, and water. It's also the only single ingredient diet you can thrive on without nutrient deficiencies. The Lion Diet, a carnivorous diet, is the ultimate elimination diet.

I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible experience the healing benefits of this diet and lifestyle changes. Or at least come to the conclusion that their diet, which they may consider healthy, could be contributing to their health issues, if not causing them completely.

I continue to evolve and improve, researching and finding other health and wellness practices, (such as fasting, cold and hot emersion, microbiome recovery, light therapy, meditation, nootropics, and fitness) to reach new heights of health. I share my current research and findings with people here, on social media (linked at the bottom of the page), and my podcast.


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