Not at Paleo fx

Hey everyone, I can’t make it to Paleo fx this year. I really wanted to go but had to cancel my tickets and everything last minute. Family emergency. I’ll be there next year and I’ll be there for keto fx in July. I’m really sorry! I was really looking forward to meeting everyone and the weather 🙂

Win tickets to Paleo f(x) in Austin in April 26-28 2019!!

I’m going to be speaking at Paleo f(x) again this year!!! Hopefully see you guys there, I loved it last year. Granted I can’t eat most of the products, it was nice to hang out with similarly open-minded people. Makes you feel like slightly less of a weirdo (although I’m still at peak weirdness as I only eat meat). I’m going to be paying attention to the microbiome talks this year, and light therapy. There’s a contest going on!! You Read More

Denver Low Carb Conference – March 2019

I was invited to speak at Low Carb Denver 2019, and I’m super excited. I’ll be at the Carnivore Conference March 7, and Low Carb Denver Thursday evening (March 8) and Friday (March 9). After that, I need to fly home to my little one. The conference goes on until March 10th though! Again, like I said in my carnivore conference blog post, these events are a great way to meet people and feel less alone. They’re pretty fun, although Read More

The First Ever Carnivore Conference – March 2019

I’m going to be speaking at the first conference for the carnivore diet ever. It’s March 7th in Boulder, Colorado. Low Carb Denver is that weekend, so you can hit both if you’re interested (I’ll be speaking there too!) I went to Paleo (fx) last year (April 2018) which was pretty awesome. These conferences are great for showing people with weird food sensitivities (or that are just super health conscious) that they’re not alone. Highly recommended. I’ll write posts about Read More