Hangover Cure

Seriously. I’ve been taking this since I was binge drinking in University, you can go to their website and look at the studies on rats. If it works on rats, it works on me. I take 2 pills per 3 drinks. If you’re in Canada: www.dhmdepot.com Or if you’re in the states you can go here for the ones I’ve tried. These completely remove nausea associated with a hangover. They apparently stop liver and brain damage as well (which is Read More

What Vitamins and Supplements to Take

I’ve had a bad reaction to a couple of multivitamins (most of them contain soy derivatives), so I don’t take a multivitamin. Beware off prenatal vitamins too. If you end up being extremely sensitive, steer clear of either. Just so everyone knows, unfortunately, none of these reactions are caused by low vitamins or minerals. I had all those checked out first. I was particularly wondering about B12. But, alas, it’s a much more complicated problem than that. I’ve done vitamin Read More

Antidepressants – “Natural” and Otherwise

I was on antidepressants for over a decade. They probably saved my life. If you’re taking them and want to try eliminating food, keep taking them until you feel like the depression/anxiety is gone, don’t stop first. I could tell when I could stop taking them even though I hadn’t had a break in over 10 years. If you suffer from anxiety or depression but you find it’s fairly manageable (or you can survive without antidepressants), I highly recommend 5 Read More

Olive brand that’s a-okay by me, (preservative free, etc.)

Hopefully, this post will eventually be called “olive brandS that are preservative free”. I’m looking for olive brands that are only made with olives and salt, water or olive oil, and are preservative free. So far I have this brand: (and it is sooo good – you can also eat the olive oil it’s in after you’re done with the olives). http://stevesproduce-organics.com/products2.html It’s called silver leaf organic olives. The ingredients are olives and olive oil! They have a store locator Read More