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#53 – Opposing Views: Abortion

Welcome to episode two of Opposing Views on Abortion.

I spoke first with pro-life activist (and author) Lila Rose (on Twitter @LilaGraceRose, Facebook, and Instagram @lilaroseofficial) (she also has a new book coming out which you can pre-order at:​). She is probably the best known pro-life activist in the US.

For the second half I was also joined by Mara Clark, founder of the charity Abortion Support Network in the UK – which focuses on helping women find abortions in countries where it’s illegal.
Find more on Mara Clarke on Twitter @maraclarke, and the Abortion Support Network website:​

I got flustered with Lila Rose and went on a bit of a rant about certain cases when families have chronically ill kids, and what happens if they find out they’re going to have another chronically ill kid (down syndrome is the example I used). Now please don’t take what I’m saying here the wrong way, I don’t hate people with down syndrome, we’ll get into that later…

It’s bound to get spicy. I tried to play devil’s advocate and Lila was quite the contender. I tried to ask similar questions to both parties as well!

Please tell me what you thought in the comments but please try to be civil to everyone involved. Finding someone to have a discussion with after I got Lila Rose was insanely hard, so thanks so much to Mara Clark. Remember, if one of the people in this episode gets destroyed in the comments, the likelihood of having an episode like this again, lessens. It’s really difficult for me to find more left-leaning people to come on so please again be civil. Thank you to both women. They’re both fighting hard for what they believe is right and it takes a really tough woman to be able to do that.

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Show Notes:
[1:00​] Mikhaila introduces the topic and guest on this episode of opposing views.
[3:30​] The first guest, Lila Rose, provides a background on her own involvement with this topic.
[7:00​] What is Lila’s view on abortion pills versus a procedure like suction?
[8:00​] Mikhaila asks Lila if she believes that abortion is the wrong choice in every case such as rape, incest, or a very deformed or ill child that will likely not survive? Lila elaborates that less than 1% of abortions are the result of rape or incest and most are done for convenience reasons, but often these are the main reasons used to justify abortion on demand.
[12:00​] The recent changes in Poland regarding abortion laws.
[15:30​] Does legalizing abortion help prevent women from having risky illegal procedural abortions done if they make up their mind they don’t want the baby?
[18:00​] The majority of women having abortions already have kids or are single moms.
[25:00​] Lila and Mikhaila dispute if there is a blanket principle appropriate in all situations.
[30:00​] Mikhaila and Lila discuss the ramifications of chronically sick children on a family and society concerning abortion.
[35:30​] Lila Rose – “I think the basic role of any government is to protect the basic human right to live. Just to not be killed by somebody.”
[36:00​] The mental impact of having an abortion on the mother.
[38:30​] What Lila believes is the most compelling argument of her opposition in regard to abortion.
[40:00​] Mikhaila starts the second half of the podcast with Mara Clarke who provides some background on her investment in the abortion argument.
[44:00​] Why setting hard limitations surrounding abortion timelines is so difficult to decide.
[47:00​] Issues around approaching abortion education too casually.
[52:30​] Mara and Mikhaila discuss the moment of conception argument.
[1:04:00​] The changing laws in Poland surrounding abortion.
[1:09:00​] Mara discusses how criminalizing abortion leads to unsafe procedures for those persistent on having them.
[1:13:00​] What Mara believes is the most compelling argument of her opposition in regard to abortion

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