Feeling better again

So after removing fish and the few fruit I could tolerate, my arthritis is going away, I’m less itchy again and my mood is improving. Also my face isn’t as puffy which is always nice. Being restricted in what you eat is difficult, but it’s especially difficult when you feel miserable, you’re hungry, AND you have to cook. If you feel good, cooking doesn’t seem like as big a deal. I had my IgG antibodies tested again. The antibody levels are slowly going down Read More

This diet is hard.

So a couple of weeks ago I realized I was reacting to fish. I’ve gotten much more sensitive since the pregnancy, and haven’t been able to keep my symptoms under control. They’re NOTHING like they used to be, but they’re still not fun. I’m pretty arthritic in the morning (I can’t really use my hands for the first couple of hours), and my big toe is really bugging me. Then there’s the fact I’m itchy, weepy, and generally unhappy. Again, Read More

Pregnancy woes SOLVED

Turns out I was wrong about all of the following: “So I was beginning to worry that being pregnant was just going to be full of arthritis and depression and skin problems. As soon as I get my health under control, pregnancy arrives and smacks me down. BUT I figured it out. Fuck you world, but good effort there. When I got pregnant I suddenly got more sensitive. I started reacting to tiny amounts of things in pills, a sip Read More

Pregnancy struggles

I haven’t had that difficult of a time so far (although I’m only at 15 weeks), but here’s what I’ve experienced so far: (All of the links I’ve posted are pills or things I use and are safe for people with food allergies – gluten, dairy, soy, sulphites, anything else you can think of probably. I’ve spent a long time trying to find these products and it’s been hard testing them out to make sure they’re safe. They’re affiliate links Read More