I’ve been gone from the blog for over a month because I had a baby!! It’s been crazy and exhausting and wonderful. Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova everyone ( a pic from a couple of days old): She was born August 6, at 3:21 am. 7lbs 6 oz with a full head of hair. Me being extremely thrilled not to be pregnant anymore (1 week postpartum): A month old baby!!:   I haven’t been on my computer since before August 6, Read More


Antidepressants – “Natural” and Otherwise

I was on antidepressants for over a decade. They probably saved my life. If you’re taking them and want to try eliminating food, keep taking them until you feel like the depression/anxiety is gone, don’t stop first. I could tell when I could stop taking them even though I hadn’t had a break in over 10 years. If you suffer from anxiety or depression but you find it’s fairly manageable (or you can survive without antidepressants), I highly recommend 5 Read More


Pregnancy and life update – Mid July (engagement!)

(I updated the chicken broth recipe and the chicken wing recipe. They’re actually even easier now!) I got engaged!!! Andrey was amazing. He kept trying to do something big but I’m soooo pregnant and not into excitement at all. I tried to explain that hiding under my covers is exciting enough haha. He brought me out on a boat on Canada day as a surprise. It was really sweet and great planning but it looked like it was going to pour. Can’t Read More


Political correctness leaching its way into my Facebook mom’s group

I figure most of the people who come to this blog find out about it though my dad, Jordan Peterson. I’m happy about that, I don’t care how people get here, I just want them to know what kind of problems their diet is potentially causing. I generally avoid most of my dads “controversy” because I honestly think there are more important things for me to focus on. Mainly health. I also believe that mental illness accounts for a lot Read More


Pregnancy update – Week 32

Everything’s going great! Now that I’m not eating anything with sugar, my mood is good, no arthritis, seems pretty good. I’m starting to get pretty big. Getting around is getting weird. And I have to pee quite a bit.. Less than 2 months now until I have a child. So that’s incredibly weird. I still can’t believe that I can grow one inside of me… You’d think humans wouldn’t be phased by that but it’s still weird. My ankles have Read More


Olive brand that’s a-okay by me, (preservative free, etc.)

Hopefully this post will eventually be called “olive brandS that are preservative free”. I’m looking for olive brands that are only made with olives and salt, water or olive oil, and are preservative free. So far I have this brand: (and it is sooo good – you can also eat the olive oil it’s in after you’re done with the olives). http://stevesproduce-organics.com/products2.html It’s called silver leaf organic olives. The ingredients are olives and olive oil! They have a store locater Read More


New theory

Brace yourselves, this is a long one. For the last – almost 2 years, wow – I’ve been randomly cutting out foods and listening hard to my body’s response. Most of the reactions have been seemingly random. Some have been obvious looking back but not obvious at the time. This has been such a random and confusing process. My dad is doing the same thing as me as he seems to have a similar problem. I’ve been asked “how does this make Read More


Pregnancy update

So I AM starting to feel better (yayyyyyyy). I reacted to the lactose in my antihistamines but it’s been 18 days since I’ve taken them and I’m finally starting to feel better. I’m still a bit itchy, and some of my joints are still a bit stiff in the morning. My gums are no longer bleeding, I’m not crying every day, and my arthritis is better than it was in the last couple of weeks. In another 10 days I’ll Read More


Any suggestions for problem skin? Why yes!

I was going to type this up yesterday but my boyfriend ended up having laser eye surgery and needed some serious care. Instead of doing Lasik (the relatively painless laser eye surgery), he went for PRK. They shave a layer off your eye and it’s pretty painful growing back. He needed help deciding which eye surgery to go for (I suggested Lasik but ah well). After being through some serious surgeries I forget that things like laser eye surgery are Read More


Feeling better again

So after removing fish and the few fruit I could tolerate, my arthritis is going away, I’m less itchy again and my mood is improving. Also my face isn’t as puffy which is always nice. Being restricted in what you eat is difficult, but it’s especially difficult when you feel miserable, you’re hungry, AND you have to cook. If you feel good, cooking doesn’t seem like as big a deal. I had my IgG antibodies tested again. The antibody levels are slowly going down Read More