Infrared Saunaing – Basically The Greatest Thing Ever

When I react to something, I use an infrared sauna. I’m super lucky to have access to one. I would say it improves my mood by about 20%, as well as energy levels, and gets rid of the itching I get from these reactions as well. I sit in there for 30-40 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s removing the toxins that make me feel better, or if it does some sort of mitochondrial invigoration… Christine is my dad’s grad student Read More

Do You Suffer From Cracked Heels?

Good news! Your feet aren’t dry. It’s not from wearing “bad shoes”, they don’t need moisturizer, and Lufa isn’t going to help. Fortunately, it’s easier than that. This actually wasn’t even a food problem for me. It was a chemical problem. Soaps made by the companies Palmolive (and I also believe Dove), seriously irritate my skin. Mom and Dad both had cracked heels too which resolved when they changed shampoos and soaps. I just suggested to one of my friends that Read More

Filtered Water

I used to scoff at filtered water, and I actually liked the taste of tap water better. Actually at the beginning of the diet when I was paranoid about everything I was eating, Andrey (my husband) told me not to drink tap water and I basically told him he was the paranoid one… Be very careful about what you scoff at, I swear every single thing I’ve scoffed at I now believe -_-. I haven’t done much research into why Read More

Hangover Cure

Seriously. I’ve been taking this since I was binge drinking in University, you can go to their website and look at the studies on rats. If it works on rats, it works on me. I take 2 pills per 3 drinks. If you’re in Canada: Or if you’re in the states you can go here for the ones I’ve tried. These completely remove nausea associated with a hangover. They apparently stop liver and brain damage as well (which is Read More

What Vitamins and Supplements to Take

I’ve had a bad reaction to a couple of multivitamins (most of them contain soy derivatives), so I don’t take a multivitamin. Beware off prenatal vitamins too. If you end up being extremely sensitive, steer clear of either. Just so everyone knows, unfortunately, none of these reactions are caused by low vitamins or minerals. I had all those checked out first. I was particularly wondering about B12. But, alas, it’s a much more complicated problem than that. I’ve done vitamin Read More

Newest attempts at food reintroductions

cocoa – Didn’t seem to do much, but completely got rid of my appetite. On this diet, there isn’t much we’re eating that’s high calorie, so getting rid of your appetite isn’t a great idea. It didn’t seem to do anything else negative though! So cocoa seems okay. Remember to get sugar free and organic. stevia – gross. I hate it. I think it made me feel weird, but I also don’t like it so I’m not going to try Read More

My labour experience – seriously successful hypnobirthing home birth

I wrote this the day I gave birth. So it was fresh in my mind. It’s pretty detailed so only read it if you’re super interested haha. It also needs to be heavily edited so take it with a grain of salt. Haphazardly written but here goes. So I started getting things that were pretty menstrual crampy Thursday night. Then they paused during the day Friday but I told Andrey he had to cook because I couldn’t manage to do Read More


I’ve been gone from the blog for over a month because I had a baby!! It’s been crazy and exhausting and wonderful. Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova everyone ( a pic from a couple of days old): She was born August 6, at 3:21 am. 7lbs 6 oz with a full head of hair. Me being extremely thrilled not to be pregnant anymore (1 week postpartum): A month old baby!!:   I haven’t been on my computer since before August 6, Read More

Antidepressants – “Natural” and Otherwise

I was on antidepressants for over a decade. They probably saved my life. If you’re taking them and want to try eliminating food, keep taking them until you feel like the depression/anxiety is gone, don’t stop first. I could tell when I could stop taking them even though I hadn’t had a break in over 10 years. If you suffer from anxiety or depression but you find it’s fairly manageable (or you can survive without antidepressants), I highly recommend 5 Read More

Pregnancy and life update – Mid July (engagement!)

(I updated the chicken broth recipe and the chicken wing recipe. They’re actually even easier now!) I got engaged!!! Andrey was amazing. He kept trying to do something big but I’m soooo pregnant and not into excitement at all. I tried to explain that hiding under my covers is exciting enough haha. He brought me out on a boat on Canada day as a surprise. It was really sweet and great planning but it looked like it was going to pour. Can’t Read More