If you would like to be featured, please submit details of your diet, lifestyle, and health experience below. Images may also be used on Instagram and shared across social media platforms. You can stay anonymous if you wish. Sharing your story helps others who might be experiencing similar problems. Please only share information you are comfortable with sharing. These transformations may be used across social media.

Testimonial Entry

  • Please separate your first name and age with a comma. Example: Henry, 55
  • Only for me to contact you, if necessary
  • Are you Carnivore? On the Lion Diet? Keto? Paleo? Sugar-free? Etc. Please write a description similar to the following: “Went straight into the carnivore diet in October 2019. Mainly eats beef, eggs, and sardines. Then I moved to the lion Diet in December 2019.” OR “Started paleo in 2017 and went to keto in 2018. Currently eat meat and greens.”
  • Do you fast? Please write how frequently you eat. E.g. “I eat one meal a day.” OR “I eat breakfast in the morning, and lunch and dinner”.
  • Do you exercise? Please write how frequently you exercise and what you do. E.g. “I do not exercise.” OR “I work out 3 x a week but only started after 6 months on the diet.” OR “I work out twice a week but I always have.”
  • How long have you been on a diet? E.g. “6 months keto, then 1-year carnivore.” OR “18 months carnivore, then 4 months lion diet”.
  • Please enter your top 3 health problems that have been resolved since starting the diet.
  • Please include all symptoms you had and currently don’t have and those that you still suffer from in point form. Please also include any weight loss details. E.g. -45 pound weight loss -235lbs to 190lbs -Ulcerative Colitis in remission -Improved mental clarity -Improved sleep quality -No anxiety


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