How To Take Medication Safely – And Avoid Fillers

GUYS!! (particularly the sick ones) I’m sorry this took me 3 years to realize but I finally figured out how to take meds without reacting to the fillers. I’m typing this out while getting my hair done so it’s going to be fast and to the point. I needed to share it though because this has been a HUGE problem for Dad and I and I’m super excited I figured it out. Even though I should have earlier. How do Read More

Not at Paleo fx

Hey everyone, I can’t make it to Paleo fx this year. I really wanted to go but had to cancel my tickets and everything last minute. Family emergency. I’ll be there next year and I’ll be there for keto fx in July. I’m really sorry! I was really looking forward to meeting everyone and the weather 🙂

Two Incorrect Articles from Big Think Two of those diets aren’t “fad” diets. And the pineapple meat diet is still healthier than the SAD And this! They quoted a dude who basically said we should be dead in 6 months, over 6 months ago.