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Mikhaila Peterson is a podcaster, and CEO. She hosts experts on “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast” to discuss topics aimed at improving the human experience. Her background of overcoming autoimmune and mood disorders with diet and lifestyle (and subsequently becoming medication and symptom-free) has inspired thousands. Mikhaila encourages people to become resilient, and inspires others to take responsibility for their physical and mental health, regardless of the cards they’ve been dealt.

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#192 – Jonathan Pageau

I spoke with Jonathan Pageau on this episode. We covered ancient stories, good and evil, Disney, issues of hyperpartisanship in the US political system, magic, Halloween, and conservative philosophy.

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The Lion Diet is a carnivorous diet that consists solely of ruminant meat, salt, and water. It’s the ultimate elimination diet. It eliminates all other dietary variables, and sustains your body’s nutritional needs, allowing you to thrive.


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