Two Incorrect Articles from Big Think Two of those diets aren’t “fad” diets. And the pineapple meat diet is still healthier than the SAD And this! They quoted a dude who basically said we should be dead in 6 months, over 6 months ago.

Win tickets to Paleo f(x) in Austin in April 26-28 2019!!

I’m going to be speaking at Paleo f(x) again this year!!! Hopefully see you guys there, I loved it last year. Granted I can’t eat most of the products, it was nice to hang out with similarly open-minded people. Makes you feel like slightly less of a weirdo (although I’m still at peak weirdness as I only eat meat). I’m going to be paying attention to the microbiome talks this year, and light therapy. There’s a contest going on!! You Read More

Lyme. Are You Kidding Me?

So on February 25th 2019, I had one and a half days of hoping all of my problems stemmed from some lifelong C. Diff problem I didn’t have symptoms for, and then I got the results back from my Lyme test. Positive. Is my life a giant black comedy? Chronic illnesses are very difficult to fix. You’re going to be wrong about things, you’re going to have your views completely changed multiple times. Keep going. I’m in remission, and that’s Read More

No More Consults – Facebook Group or Instagram Instead

Hey guys, NEW FACEBOOK GROUP HERE (it’s linked to my page which is here). Give both a like/follow/join if you want to stay connected across the board. I’m afraid to say I can’t do the consultations anymore. It’s not because of the ridiculous amount of negative press I got for doing them (I don’t care about that), I’m just too busy. I’m working more than full time, doing this on the side, and I have a toddler. I don’t have Read More