They Are Attempting to Take Jordan Peterson’s Clinical Psychology License

The College of Psychologists, an organization set up by the government in the 1960’s to protect individuals is harassing my dad and has been for 4 years, because of his political opinions. He criticized the Trudeau government and they’re after him because of that and his tweet about Elliot Page and the sports illustrated obese cover model. They’re threatening to take his license for “causing harm” and actually have the power to take his license. I think complaining about the college for causing harm to my family is more than reasonable.

In order to submit a complaint about the people who run the college you can go here: https://members.cpo.on.ca/public_regi… \

And you can submit a complaint about these people: https://cpo.on.ca/about-cpo/council/

Thanks for the help. What a scam.