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You are in for a treat in this episode as the founder of Freedom Toons joins me. After Seamus Coughlin shares his journey since high school, he also explains how his Catholic roots factored in. All that got me hyped up to share my own experience of finding God. Following that serious discussion, I have to say that it’s been a while I haven’t laughed this much. I promise you’ll get a good laugh too as you watch Coughlin impersonating Trump and the one and only Dr. Jordan. Yes, I know. Wait till you see HIS reaction too.

Get the true taste of the expression of freedom as Mikhaila and Seamus Coughlin discuss his experience in animation. In this episode, they tackle values, religion, and complex emotions. Coughlin’s shares his experience with his Youtube Channel “Freedom Toons”, and ends up imitating well-known figures like Trump and none other than Dr. Jordan Peterson himself. Check out this episode to see the impact “Freedom Toons” has had and how Dr. Jordan Peterson reacts towards an impersonation of him.

Seamus Coughlin is a libetarian animator and political cartoonist, columnist, and Youtuber with an affinity for multimedia production. During his high school career, he qualified for many local and national awards. Ever since his mentor encouraged him to start his own business, he has been working in the digital industry.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[02:20] Seamus Coughlin’s background.
[05:20] The success of “Freedom Toons”.
[06:40] Coughlin’s thoughts on values.
[07:05] Dr. Peterson’s thoughts on conservatives.
[09:30] Coughlin’s Catholic roots.
[12:30] Mikhaila’s experience finding God.
[18:55] Finding joy in misery.
[21:27] Dr. Peterson’s Jungian technique to analyze Mikhaila’s dream.
[24:50] Dr. Peterson’s opinion on commitment.
[26:35] The different imitations of Seamus.
[31:10] Seamus’s most popular videos.
[38:37] The Thanksgiving video.
[40:20] The growth journey of “Freedom Toons”.
[41:58] Wearing white after Labor Day.
[42:42] Coughlin’s impersonation of Dr. Peterson in the presence of Dr. Peterson.
[45:30] Coughlin’s impersonation of Trump.
[29:09] The impact of “Freedom Toons”.
[30:53] Wrap Up.

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