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Low Carb World Record Athlete | Zach Bitter - MP Podcast #99

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In this episode, extreme long-distance runner Zach Bitter gives us the “run down” on all things distance. Zach’s extraordinary lifestyle gives way to an insightful discussion with Mikhaila on his diet, lifestyle, and habits. Having competed in several Ultra marathons, Zach’s experiences led him to curate a specific way of life that best adheres to the upkeep of his physical and mental state. Together, they get into the specifics of what it takes to be a long-distance runner, and just how crucial it is to push your own limits.

Zach Bitter is an American extreme long-distance runner. He competes in a marathon called Ultra and holds the world record for the 100-mile track run, as well as the 12-hour track run. Zach’s different approach to nutrition in his field separates him from most as he runs on a low-carb ketogenic diet.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[02:30] Mikhaila introduces this episodes guest Zach Bitter
[05:00] Details on the big run Zach is currently training for
[08:30] The intensity of extreme sport athletes
[15:30] How does eating and drinking work on really long runs?
[19:00] The pacing of long-distance races
[22:00] Talking about the food part of racing. Two fuel tanks, Body fat, and glycogen
[32:00] How does a high-performance athlete function on a low-carb diet? What are the trade-offs from burning fat as opposed to glycogen(sugar)
[41:00] Why did Zach switch to eating low carb?
[46:30] Sleep changes from going on low carb
[50:00] A guide to workout intensity for nonrunners
[53:30] What does Bitter like to use as fuel when he wants to eat carbs?
[1:01:30] Some of the negative health signs that indicate low carb could be good for you
[01:05:00] Zach’s new project tackling the transcontinental run, fight for the forgotten, wrapping up the episode

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