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How To Grow Your Following | James Smith - MP Podcast #88

On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson podcast, Mikhaila sat down to talk with @James Smith PT . Smith is an online personal trainer with a huge following. Mikhaila and James discussed keto, fasting, and much more. They ended up agreeing to disagree on a number of things including: psychedelics – good by YouTube ads – and air fryers, pregnancy pillows.

Find more James Smith on Twitter and Instagram, @jamessmithPT, and with his new books:

Not A Diet Book –
Not a Life Coach –

He also gave a great TEDx talk at TEDxBundaberg –

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:30] James Smith introduction
[3:30] How to build a following
[12:30] Knowing your audience
[16:00] Anecdotal versus gospel diets
[17:30] What diets has James tried?
[19:30] Mikhaila’s elimination diets and removing SSRIs
[25:30] Vegan pushback of the carnivore diet
[28:00] Not trying to please everyone.
[30:30] Differences between men and women
[34:30] Psychedelics, DMT, introspection
[39:01] Glorifying air fryers and pregnancy pillows
[44:00] Personal training and fitness questions
[48:00] How often does the average person need to train?
[50:30] Mikhaila and James core disagreements in diet decisions
[58:00] James experimenting with a carnivore diet
[1:00:00] Mikhaila’s podcast with Jason Fung and James’ core disagreements
[1:08:30] Think rationally, be your own best scientist
[1:12:30] Wrapping up. Find James Smith

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