On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila is joined by @Lewis Howes . Howes is a podcast host, author, and entrepreneur. He started his highly successful podcast show School of Greatness in 2013. On his show he interviews experts in all topics and purports expanding one’s knowledge and continually learning more about yourself.

Mikhaila and Lewis discussed therapy, self care, self understanding, emotional triggers, adapting to life, creating positive emotional outlets, studying emotion in kids, and much more. Lewis and Mikhaila talk about podcast life, interviewing experts, the continual process of learning as a podcast host, and creating community with their followers.

Find more Lewis Howes on his website https://lewishowes.com and on his podcast the School of Greatness. He’s also on Twitter and Instagram @LewisHowes

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:30] Discussion begins
[4:00] Identify a good life coach or therapist
[6:30] How to trust your gut in a relationship
[10:30] Get the most out of your therapy sessions
[14:30] Podcast goals
[20:00] Lewis’s background
[26:30] What has dramatically improved Mikhaila’s life
[30:30] What has dramatically improved Lewis’s life
[35:30] Anger responses and triggers
[43:00] Learning about Mikhaila’s emotions growing up
[50:30] Learning about emotion by watching kids
[53:00] Three most important tools Mikhaila would give to her daughter
[57:30] Three most important tools Lewis would give to his own child
[1:00:30] Wrapping up

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