How We’re Breeding Narcissists | Russell Peters & Jordan Peterson- MP Podcast #84

Mikhaila’s Dad, @Jordan B Peterson , joins the show to co-host this episode with @Russell Peters , a Canadian comedian, actor, and producer.

Together, they explore politically incorrect humor, stand up, acting, travel, working during the pandemic, universally funny truths, spontaneous action, the personality of a comedian, and more. Russell is hilarious and we had a great time.

Find more Russell Peters on Instagram @russellpeters, on Twitter @therealrussellp, on YouTube, and his new Podcast Culturally Cancelled.

Culturally Cancelled: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/culturally-cancelled-with-russell-peters/id1557516872

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Show Notes:
[0:00] Intro
[2:30] Discussion starts
[6:00] How Russell got into comedy
[9:00] Politically incorrect humor
[14:00] Russell, the class clown.
[15:00] Microdosing mushroom business
[17:30] Trouble with the media
[21:00] Great places to live
[23:30] How Russell’s comedy has changed
[29:30] Success in the comedy world
[32:30] Transition into the mainstream for Russell
[34:30] Mikhaila’s vintage couch
[36:30] Russian culture
[40:30] Russell and his fans
[49:00] Jordan’s affinity for comedians
[52:13] Recovering from bad gigs
[58:00] Parenting difficulties
[1:00:30] Short f**ker syndrome and more
[1:05:30] How to adapt to an audience
[1:09:30] Comedians and University campuses
[1:15:30] Comedian Jus Reign, acting versus stand up
[1:20:30] The pandemic
[1:29:00] Wrapping up

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