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Sustainable Discipline: Sal Di Stefano | Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #78

Mikhaila and Sal Di Stefano discuss podcasting, training, eating, creating sustainable discipline, avoiding the trap of motivation-based fitness, working towards health not aesthetics, social media, podcast business, and much more.

Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer, fitness podcast host, and author. The fitness Podcast Mind Pump that he co-hosts with Justin Andrews, Adam Schafer, and Doug Egge is the number one fitness podcast in the world with over 60 million downloads per episode. He also just released a new book called The Resistance Training Revolution.

Find more Sal Di Stefano on the Mind Pump Podcast , Instagram @mindpumpsal, Twitter @Sal_DiStefano, and check out his new book The Resistance Training Revolution

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Show Notes:
[3:30] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest Sal Di Stefano from the MindPump podcast, the number one fitness podcast in the world. Sal gives background on his show and career.
[6:00] Talking discipline, creating patterns that you can actually keep going long term. Sal believes motivation is a short term state of emotion and not a good building block for long term success.
[10:30] Discussing building the skill of discipline. Sal gives an example of a client starting from the lowest level of health and building in little steps.
[13:30] The benefits of creating habits for health instead of aesthetic reasons. Mikhaila and Sal emphasize that we all need to use healthy comparisons so we don’t go crazy.
[18:30] Sal outlines the possible reasons certain personalities are drawn to the influencer space.
[21:30] Sal talks about monitoring his kids social media use and how tricky it is becoming as a parent in this new online environment.
[24:30] Mikhaila asks about the benefits of doing fasted versus non fasted exercise.
[25:30] Are doing isolated exercises when you have an injury a good way to rebuild strength without creating a muscle imbalance?
[29:00] How did the Mind Pump podcast come around?
[31:30] What are the effects of stress on the body? Sal points out the recovery/breakdown cycle of going too hard in the gym that many people can get stuck in. All stress factors in your life build to fill up your “stress bucket”.
[37:30] Sal talks about the benefits for the average person sticking to resistance training versus cardio type exercises.
[47:30] If you are trying to build muscle, is doing more resistance training always better?
[52:30] Noting a few variations of exercises that help people workout with an injured body part.

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