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The Truth Behind Antifa? | Andy Ngo – Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #74

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing @Andy Ngo​. We discussed topics from his new book Unmasked: Inside Antifas Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, and the recent riots that have been occurring throughout the US. He has been researching and following Antifa online and on the ground with devastating consequences to his personal life.

Andy Ngo is an American journalist that has been following Antifa and other far-left movements for many years. Andy has recently moved out of the county to the UK due to increasing threats on his life as a vocal opposer of Antifa and BLM movements in the US.

Find more Andy Ngo on, Twitter @MrAndyNgo, and his new book.

Thanks to Youtube demonetization, any donations to keep this podcast running are appreciated –…​

Show Notes:
[3:00​] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest, Andy Ngo. Andy is an American journalist that has been following Antifa and other far-left movements for many years. He recently wrote and released a book, Unmasked: Inside Antifas Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.
[4:00​] What is Antifa? Summarised for the average person. What are their goals? How do they operate? Where are they currently pushing their ideology?
[7:00​] New round of riots and violence in the US as of Sunday, April 11th
[8:30​] Where is the origin of the “Antifa” anti-fascist movement? Many of the symbols and ideas began in Germany between World War One and Two.
[12:00​] Recent action of Antifa in the US. Resurfacing of violence, looting, and protest in Minneapolis, Minnesota less than a year after the death of George Floyd, who died during an arrest by Minneapolis police. Floyd’s arresting officer Derek Chauvin is currently on trial for the wrongful death of Floyd. Last week, Daunte Wright, another black man, was shot while resisting arrest in a local suburb of Minneapolis; Brooklyn Center. Antifa exploits tragedy to incite violence.
[15:00​] How do Antifa cells communicate?
[16:30​] What are Antifa’s goals? Tear down Democracy, get rid of the police, create autonomous zones.
[23:00​] Talking about the autonomous zones that Antifa has created.
[26:00​] Mikhaila asks Andy about his experience being on the ground reporting from riots and his involvement with the violence so far.
[36:30​] What can people do who don’t want this to keep happening? Andy Talks about feeling that most news media and local government have all bought into critical race theory, so it is unclear how to combat something that the government and media are tolerant of. “We need to get buy-in from everyone not in the radical left to really shift the direction that power is flowing.”
[41:00​] Will more conservative areas of the US like Texas and Florida be faced with these same problems?
[43:00​] What do Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) have in common, if anything? As stated by BLM leadership, commonalities are hatred for the police, hatred for America as it currently operates, and the openness to inciting violence to get their way.
[49:00​] Andy talks about the struggle to be involved and covering a story that people don’t believe, ignore, or actively spread misinformation about. He speaks on attempts to bring critical race theory and violence into other countries, mirroring the transition in the US.
[56:30​] Where can people find Andy Ngo online? Mikhaila wraps up the show