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A Conversation with a Mob Boss and a Cop – Michael Franzese & Sunil Tulsiani

Michael Franzese is a former mob boss that was caporegime of the Colombo family in New York in the 1970’s. He made billions and then went to jail and ultimately turned his life around. He’s now a successful motivational speaker and entrepreneur who teaches people negotiating techniques and how to communicate and be successful.

Sunil Tulsiani is a former cop turned real estate mogul, best-selling author, speaker, and founder of Private Investment Club.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Michael Franzese and Sunil Tulsiani at the first Canadian Wealth Summit of 2021. It was interesting to hear both sides of a story in this manner.

Find more Michael Franzese on his website, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram

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Show Notes:

[2:30] Mikhaila introduces the show’s first guest Michael Franzese, a former American mafia crime boss for the Columbo family. Michael gives the audience a little background on himself.

[6:40] Mikhaila introduces the second featured guest of this episode, Sunil Talsiani, an opportunity to also share his background and life details as a police officer and hyper-successful real estate investor.

[11:00] Franzese elaborates about what “bad cops” and “good cops” were from a crime family perspective like the mafia. He talks about the relationships between law enforcement and organized crime like the Cosa Nostra.

[13:00] Mikhaila asks Sunil if he feels that being a cop is like being in a gang of sorts; Sunil feels similarities could be drawn in the friendships, bonds of brotherhood, and knowing someone has your back.

[14:30] Asking Michael whether he felt like he was the good guy during his mafia career. Money and power are a corruptive force to all men’s hearts to some degree.

[36:00] Mikhaila wants to know how Franzese managed to get out of the mafia life as most of what we hear and see in movies and media depict mafia as a lifelong commitment with severe consequences for those who try to abandon the life. Avoiding other members and hitmen while trying to live a normal life.

[20:00] Sunil talks about the uncomfortable times that most police officers face when upholding laws that conflict with their personal moral judgment in a particular crime or legal situation. The gray area can be the hardest to enforce, and many things fall in that gray area.

[26:00] When it comes to mafia members does it tend to attract the same types of personalities in members and prospects?

[28:30] Sunil talks about his own passion to become a police officer and if there are certain personalities drawn to that profession.

[33:30] What Michael has learned about human behavior working as in the mafia that he has been able to take in a positive way to the new chapter of his life. He says learning to listen more than speaking and respecting others. The book of Proverbs has also been a big influence in Franzese’s life.

[38:30] Tulsiani talks about his skills, negotiating, the ability to take action when you are not ready, communication with important people, all things that transferred from being a police officer to the business world.

[43:00] Michael speaks on the different negotiations and skill sets for communication that were useful for his life. Listening instead of speaking, doing your research before a negotiation, finding your leverage in a situation

[47:30] Michael retells his story about how he was able to get leverage on the government during his own prosecution.

[50:30] Sunil talks about effective techniques he developed during his time as a police negotiator and interrogator. One effective method was starting the conversation with a lie and often the accused couldn’t help but correct him confessing to the crime at the same time. There are many useful mind games to play with the subconscious.

[57:30] Sunil talks about some of the challenges for him that come from being a well-known figure in the media and on the internet. As a real estate investor and large businessman, he has faced backlash from public financial issues with shifting economies. It’s very easy today to be mislabeled or for the media to mislead people’s interpretation of you and your actions.

[1:01:30] Overcoming the bad reputation of his past, Michael looks to give back to the community now, but not everyone is completely accepting of his new leaf in life. Social media brings out all the strong opinions and some absurd responses to content.

[1:04:00] Mikhaila gives Franzese an opportunity to clear the air surrounding the parts of the mafia life that are enticing and romantic when looking back on the past. Michael professes that he does not want to glorify his past but will admit to his human compulsions that I’m sure many of us in the same situation would feel the temptation toward.

[1:07:30] Examining aspects of Police life that Sunil Tulsiani misses in his current business endeavors.