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Carnivore Anecdotes | Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #69

This episode makes me quite nervous because these stories don’t sound believable, even coming from someone who’s spoken about my “Lion Diet” or the “Carnivore Diet” I straight up would not believe these stories if I had not lived through an experience that was similarly unbelievable.
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In this episode, I interviewed four individuals that have had insane transformations on a carnivore diet here are their stories. Take them in whatever way you want to, it sounds insane but it fixed me as well. Once your joints disintegrate you are willing to try just about anything.

On a more fun note, this episode is brought to you by Carnivore Crisps. I thought this was an appropriate sponsor for the episode. These are carnivore crisps and the ingredients are literally meat and salt and they taste like chips! Go to and enter code “MP” for 10% off your purchase.

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Show Notes:
[2:45] Mikhaila introduces the first carnivore Brett Lloyd, we hear Brett Lloyd’s story
[5:30] Brett’s depression and medication before carnivore. The process of coming off medication after the diet was working
[18:30] Brett’s style of carnivore compared to Mikhaila’s current and past iterations
[25:30] Wrapping up with Brett Lloyd, and where can you find Brett online
[26:00] Mikhaila introduces the second guest, Rebekah Farmer
[33:00] Why did Rebekah start the carnivore diet?
[35:00] Rebekah explains her version of the carnivore diet compared to what Mikhaila and others do
[36:00] The process of getting off of medication once the carnivore diet started working.
[43:30] Eating lamb and other alteration Rebekah uses for her optimal results
[47:30] Information on Rebekah’s counseling for others on diet and nutrition and a certified life and health coach
[49:00] Wrapping up with Rebekah, where can you find her online
[52:42] Introducing the third guest and background on Kelly Hogan
[1:03:00] Examining Kelly’s pregnancy eating carnivore and long term health effects (11+ years) of consistently eating only meat
[1:11:00] The steps in transitioning from a full diet to eating only meat and fat
[1:19:00] Wrapping up with Kelly Hogan, and where to find more Kelly Hogan online
[1:19:44] The final carnivore in our episode, Emily Penton. Emily goes into her mental and health concerns that lead to a radical diet change
[1:22:00] What convinced Emily to give carnivore a try?
[1:25:10] The process of getting off medications
[1:27:00] Emily’s physical transformation after carnivore
[1:28:40] Emily’s current version of carnivore compared to what Mikhaila has done in different stages. Getting enough fat is very important when eating only meat
[1:37:30] Long term versus short term carnivore, weighing the costs and benefits
[1:39:00] Wrapping up with Emily Penton, and where to find Emily online