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The Anti-Woke Journalist | Rav Arora & Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Rav Arora and Mikhaila Peterson discuss some of the controversial viral articles he has written in the past year. Many of these articles use data and facts to disprove current cultural narratives surrounding race in American culture. Some of the topics include white privilege, teaching systemic racism to students, the ethnic groups consistently outperforming whites in America, that different groups excel in other areas due to their internal culture/focus primarily, and more.

Rav Arora is a blogger and essayist who has written articles in @NYPost, @CityJournal, @RecordingAcad, @Quillette, @GlobeandMail, and others.

Find more Rav Arora on Twitter @Ravarora1 and watch the New York Post for new articles from him.

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Rav Arora Articles Mentioned:
The fallacy of white privilege — and how it’s corroding society:
Teaching ‘white fragility’ is bad for kids of color:
A Peculiar Kind of Racist Patriarchy:
No Cause for Alarm – Different demographic groups excelling in various areas of endeavor does not prove discrimination:
Why the left is lashing out at Joe Rogan and his revolutionary podcast:

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Show Notes:
[3:00] Rav Avora’s background.
[6:00] What inspired Rav to write.
[10:30] The viral articles Rav has written in the past year.
[12:00] Ethnic groups that outperform and out-earn white people.
[20:30] How to deal with negative responses to articles.
[25:30] The fallacy of specific racial barriers making individuals incapable of achieving economic success.
[29:00] White Fragility.
[34:30] Rav Arora “The problem is with universalizing one trait with one race.”
[45:00] Anti-bullying campaigns in schools.
[48:30] The increasing racial and identity politics in the western world.
[53:30] The ‘privilege’ of being a minority when writing about racism and race topics.
[57:30] Praising Joe Rogan’s attitude of giving a platform to both sides of an idea.
[1:01:00] Find more Rav Arora on Twitter @Ravarora1, and also watch the New York Post for new articles from him as well.