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Navigating Relationships | Dr. Nicole LePera & Mikhaila Peterson

Dr. Nicole LePera (the Holistic Psychologist) and Mikhaila Peterson discuss how to deal with past traumas, deep breathing, the importance of timeouts in arguments, going to bed angry, creating boundaries, how to get unstuck, the importance of nutrition and sleep, creating small daily promises and more.

Dr. Nicole LePera was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University and the New School for Social Research. She also studied at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis.

Nicole’s new book:​
Thanks to Youtube demonetization, any donations to help me keep this podcast running are greatly appreciated –…​​ code MP10 for 10 percent off their testing that comes WITH a consultation from a doctor (geared towards mental and physical health in an integrative way.)

Show Notes:
[2:30​] Dr. Nicole LePera’s background story
[4:00​] What is stuckness?
[6:30​] Dealing with stress and past traumas
[14:00​] How and why deep breathing works
[17:30​] Using timeouts in arguments
[19:30​] Should you go to bed angry?
[22:30​] Creating boundaries to improve your relationships
[27:00​] Differentiating between meeting our own needs and narcissism
[30:00​] Can polyamorous relationships work long-term?
[36:30​] How to get unstuck
[40:00​] Using the presence of now to overcome urges
[43:00​] The importance of nutrition and sleep to help regulate your body
[47:30​] Creating small daily promises
[55:00​] Differentiating between laziness and exhaustion
[59:30​] How to utilize intentions