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Music Industry: Behind the Scenes | Yung Gravy and Mikhaila Peterson

Yung Gravy​ and Mikhaila Peterson discuss music, hip hop, the music industry, working with record labels, the different ways to success for young artists, and Minnesotan life.
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Show Notes:
[2:30​] How Yung Gravy got his name
[5:00​] Yung Gravy’s background
[8:30​] Becoming a Soundcloud rapper
[13:30​] The industry behind the music
[22:00​] Different types of music deals
[27:00​] Should you try and get signed as an artist?
[31:00​] Licensing music for samples
[37:00​] Creating original samples
[42:00​] The budget for creating music videos
[43:30​] “Oops” video release:…​
[45:00​] Gravy’s music industry advice
[50:00​] The boys are back in town sample
[52:00​] Living between Minnesota, Atlanta, and L.A.
[55:00​] DMT and fan meet and greets
[1:02:00​] When Gravy kept his identity secret for over a year
[1:03:30​] Filming his first music video
[1:09:30​] Piloerection’s from music
[1:13:00​] Touring plans after COVID19