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Tammy Peterson’s Backstory | The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #60

Mikhaila Peterson and her mom Tammy Peterson go through Tammy’s background and childhood, meeting her husband (Jordan Peterson), university, having kids, and more. They cover where Tammy grew up and moved around throughout her youth, Jordan’s international touring, and the impact that it had on her, they also touched on her health, fame, and family.

Tammy tends to keep out of the public eye more than the other family members, and hopefully, this sit-down interview helps you get to know her!

You can find Tammy at:​

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Show Notes:
[3:00​] Growing up in a small town with Jordan Peterson as a neighbor.
[9:00​] College years
[18:00​] Reconnecting with Jordan after college
[21:30​] Getting married, having kids, and moving to Boston
[24:30​] How to get quick medical care in Boston
[31:00​] Fixer-upper house
[36:00​] Moving to Toronto
[38:00​] Seiko the guard dog
[41:00​] Story of The Scooter Thief
[45:00​] 2016, Political Correctness, and the launch of Jordan’s popularity
[50:30​] Touring with Jordan Peterson
[57:00​] Dealing with the diagnosis of cancer
[1:04:30​] Spiritual Rebirth