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What Happened with GameStop? | r/wallstreetbets creator Jaime Rogozinski on The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #59

Jaime Rogozinski (creator of the subreddit WallStreetBets) and Mikhaila discuss r/wallstreetbets, (recently famous for skyrocketing stock prices for GameStop, AMC, and other seemingly down-trending companies). They discuss Robinhood’s recent activity which led to the trading of multiple trending stocks being halted. Was it because they couldn’t afford what was happening? Or were they protecting Wall Street hedge funds? Listen to what Jaime thinks. They also spoke about cryptocurrencies, selling the rights to Rogozinski’s life story, and his book: Wall Street Bets. What are your thoughts? This was recorded February 17th so when Jaime says “tomorrow” he’s referring to February 18th.

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Jaime Rogozinski founded r/wallstreetbets in 2012 – a large online community that yields a commanding presence in the world of finance. It has been featured in Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch as well as Bloomberg, CNBC, Money Magazine, Forbes, Vice, Business Insider, and Fortune.

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Show Notes:

[3:30] Jamie Rogozinski’s background and involvement with WallStreetBets.
[4:30] What has been happening with GameStop and with WallStreetBets?
[13:00] Private investor’s influences on stock prices.
[18:00] What is Robinhood?
[22:00] Robinhood’s role in the recent GameStop debacle according to Jaime.
[30:30] The WallStreetBets subreddit and the controversy surrounding the GameStop price spikes.
[38:30] Trade halts and the stability of the stock market in the information age.
[41:00] The increased engagement on r/WallStreetBets since all of the recent publicity.
[43:00] Bitcoins recent success. Is it really a good long-term investment?
[51:00] Will other cryptocurrencies do as well as bitcoin has?