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Lockdowns and Sanity | Lauren Chen on The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast #57

​@Lauren Chen and Mikhaila discussed COVID-19 restrictions in Canada and the USA, the changing experience of higher education, how to stay sane during lockdowns, Lauren’s top political issues and more.

Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator on YouTube. She has worked with Blaze TV and used the pseudonym “The Roaming Millennial” on some of her early work. She reviews and creates content primarily in the political spectrum and recently started branching into other media avenues with @Mediaholic and different alt-tech platforms.

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[3:00​] Lauren Chen’s background story
[5:00​] Serious Discussion, Which is better to deal with in your home, mice or lizard problems?
[7:00​] The current COVID-19 restrictions in Montreal and Toronto.
[10:00​] The Canadian healthcare system.
[16:00​] The Lauren Chen Show and working with Blaze TV
[20:00​] What Lauren feels are the most significant political issues facing western society.
[22:30​] The state of universities today versus five to ten years ago.
[26:30​] Is university still a good idea?
[33:00​] Staying sane and keeping busy during the Canadian COVID-19 lockdown
[42:00​] Lauren’s primary demographic and her targeted social media platforms.
[46:00​] Importance of personal health and success with the carnivore diet.