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#56 – Terry Wahls – Wahls Protocol (MS Treatment)

Dr. Terry Wahls is an MD and a clinical professor at the University of Iowa. She specializes in clinical research testing the impact of diet and lifestyle on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms. She has a remarkable story about recovering from secondary-progressive MS (she was wheelchair-bound) by changing the food she eats.

Mikhaila and Dr. Wahls discuss how to heal autoimmune disorders, the impact of a western diet on our neurology and gut biome, the Wahls Protocol diet, steps to healing a leaky gut and other digestive tract damage, and more.

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Show Notes:
[3:30​] Dr. Terry Wahls background.
[6:00​] Dr. Wahls discovery of severe food allergies and what eliminating food did for her.
[7:30​] How autoimmune reactions might indicate specific food triggers.
[9:30​] The critical role leaky gut plays in food reactions.
[13:00​] The Wahl’s suggestions on digestive enzymes, probiotics, stool samples interpretation, and the gut biome.
[18:00​] The difficulty of adapting to eating and lifestyle changes.
[25:00​] The impact of a western pre-packaged diet on the gut biome.
[27:00​] Fat emulsifiers, how whole foods can impact health, and tips to change your palate and cravings over time.
[36:00​] Dr. Wahls thoughts on the Carnivore Diet.
[41:30​] How to start reintroducing diverse foods to your body after healing from leaky gut.

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