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#51 – Tom Bilyeu

@Tom Bilyeu​ is a serial-entrepreneur, producer, director, and host of the popular podcast and founder of Impact Theory. He is also the co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition.

Mikhaila Peterson and Tom Bilyeu discuss Tom’s work habits, striving for goals, the importance of having the proper mindset, learning from failure, and the choice to not have children (and the ramifications and benefits that come with having them). They also talk about how Tom prepares for his podcast interviews and the team structures and habits at Impact Theory.

Find more Tom Bilyeu on Instagram @TomBilyeu, Twitter @TomBilyeu, his YouTube Channel @Tom Bilyeu, and on Impact Theory’s website:​

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Show Notes:
[3:30​] Mikhaila Peterson introduces Tom Bilyeu, an entrepreneur, producer, and internet personality. Tom gives some background about himself and his passion that led him to found the media company Impact Theory.
[6:00​] Mikhaila asks Tom about the mindset and goals that are needed to push oneself to success as an entrepreneur in any industry. Tom says it’s primarily learning the skills to achieve your goals, you need to be a good leader, learn finance, make mistakes and learn from them.
[8:30​] Tom says that you need to be able to regulate emotions and stay centered and focused on your goals when inevitable failures and struggles happen and people come at you with the I told you so attitude. Tom Bilyeu on entrepreneurial growth – “If failure weakens your resolve, you’re not going to make it. It all comes back to your mindset.”
[11:00​] As an entrepreneur Tom believes that you must become “antifragile,” not just resistant to breaking under pressure but actually become stronger each time you are hit. Another tool in Tom’s metal kit is always viewing yourself as a learner. If you view life through the lens of everything is helping me learn, get better, and acquire unique skills that are valuable to society and make me valuable to everyone I’m around it is much easier to cope with a single act or project failing because that was not your full identity. To be in a healthy mindset your self-worth should be tied to your willingness to try and not the final outcome.
[17:30​] Mikhaila asks Tom to elaborate on his inner voice and how he lets the positive and negative thoughts affect his moods and actions in life and business.
[21:00​] “The point of life isn’t money. Money isn’t going to help you. Fame isn’t going to help you. Accolades aren’t going to help you. None of that is going to change the one thing that matters; which is, how do you feel about yourself when you are by yourself? That matters, your entire life is about that question.”
[22:00​] Mikhaila and Tom discuss the hypothetical of trading communication skills for IQ points and how difficult it must be to be a historic level genius.
[26:30​] Tom talks about his interview podcast Impact Theory and some of the most impactful guest episodes. Mikhaila and Tom discuss the logistics of putting on a great podcast and keeping your end goal in mind.
[33:00​] Bilyeu talks about his daily habits and disciplines that keep him on track with his life goals.
[38:30​] Tom shares his workout schedule, diet, sleep, and his wife’s struggle with autoimmune food disorders. Mikhaila on diet – “You definitely learn a lot when it’s like, death or learning?”
[46:00​] Talking about the positives and negatives of kids as a highly successful individual, the social stigmas around motherhood, and the evolutionary drive to create offspring in all of us.
[55:30​] Tom talks about creating the environment you want at work and some specific examples from Impact Theory.

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