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#50 – Tucker Max

Tucker Max is an author, speaker, and co-founder of Scribe Media. He first made a name for himself publishing stories about his college-age exploits online on his website:​

Mikhaila Peterson and Tucker Max discuss his new publishing company “Scribe Media” which helps people to write, publish and market their own book. They also talk about psychedelic therapy, growing up in the public eye, time management, and more.

Buy Tucker Max’s most recent book The Scribe Method: The Best Way to Write and Publish Your Non-Fiction Book here:…​

Find more Tucker Max on his website​, his Twitter @TuckerMax, and check out his books.

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Show Notes:
[2:30​] Mikhaila introduces Tucker Max as the author of the bestseller, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” Tucker starts the podcast by elaborating on his company Scribe Media that helps people write, publish, and market their own book.
[4:00​] Tucker goes back to what sparked the idea for Scribe and the way it has evolved to help people with interesting stories who may not be the best writers, or just don’t have the free time to put their own words into a book in a way that is true to themself (unlike ghostwriting) and avoid the pitfalls of big publishing companies.
[7:00​] Creating Scribe primarily involved creating an interview process and algorithm to get people’s ideas out of their heads in their own words. After just a couple of months, Tucker and his partner had already done a quarter-million dollars in business so they knew there was a demand for this process.
[9:30​] Tucker and Mikhaila discuss the diminishing returns to authors from going with big publishing companies. You often lose the most important piece of your work which is the rights to your own life’s work.
[15:00​] How do you know how to write stories that will sell? Mikhaila asks Tucker how his team at Scribe help authors find the information that will be of interest to their desired audience.
[23:00​] Tucker talks about his initial exploits into writing with his bestseller, “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” and the genre he started for his generation that others have dubbed “fratire”. He talks about his change to writing about family life being the next natural phase in life. “The idea of going out and drinking beer with my friends now is like, oh God ugh, cause all I can think about is the hangover, how tedious it would be, and how I have to deal with my kids the next day. They’re gonna be up at six-thirty no matter what I was doing the night before. I just don’t feel like doing that anymore”
[27:00​] Tucker says that a few people understand what the media can do to you in one-sided coverage of your life. He had to take ten years out of the public eye to try and recover from the backlash of his fratire books.
[30:00​] Tucker goes into the time of his life after writing his bestsellers that he took a break and really dug into therapy to focus on improving himself.
[36:00​] Understanding drugs like psychedelics through the lens of medicine and instituting them in a professional setting with standards and goals.
[47:00​] Some of the most important factors when really trying to get results from therapy.
[52:30​] Tucker Max on psychedelic therapy – “Doing MDMA without and with a guide is the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad truly.”
[53:00​] How can you manage owning multiple businesses and having kids? Both Tucker Max and his wife own their own companies and they are about to have their fourth child.
[1:05:00​] Tucker Max – “Most people’s question is how do I write a book? The better question is who do I get to help me write my book?”

Find more Tucker Max on his website​, his Twitter @TuckerMax, and check out his books.

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