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Episode 5: Suzanne Venker: What Relationships Actually Look Like

“Even if you married Brad Pitt… there is no way to sustain the honeymoon period for a lifetime.”

Suzanne Venker (Author of The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage: How Love Works, and The Flipside of Feminism) sits down with Mikhaila to discuss the culture of Gender Equality, Relationships post-children, and where NOT to find a mate!

Suzanne Venker is an author, columnist, and marriage and relationship coach. Her work has appeared in countless publications, including Fox News, the Washington Examiner, TIME, USA Today, and the New York Post. She has appeared on many television and radio programs and now has her own podcast, The Suzanne Venker Show. Suzanne lives in the Midwest with her husband of 22 years and their two children, one of whom is in college.

  • [2:00] Suzanne shares her journey of becoming a writer and blogger on the topic of anti-feminism
  • [6:40] Suzanne’s introduction into feminist politics and her place in the political arena
  • [10:10] Suzanne Venker’s book Flipside of Feminism
  • [11:00] Suzanne’s article The War on Men, which aired on Fox News, initially caught the public’s eye and launched notariety
  • [12:00] The culture of gender equality is not working
  • [15:00] Romance and your most intimate relationship after having your first child
  • [16:30] The difference between culturally enforced ideals and real life relationships
  • [20:00] Setting the stage that will allow “married sex” to occur
  • [24:00] “Why should I have to go through all that effort just to have sex with my own wife?”
  • [25:00] “Even if you married Brad Pitt… there is no way to sustain the honeymoon period for a lifetime.”
  • [27:00] The “Green Grass Syndrome
  • [28:00] Putting your career on hold, and who is supposed to sacrifice their career more?
  • [34:00] Having kids won’t necessarily ruin your life. The culture teaches that you have all the time in the world, but it’s not true.
  • [35:00] Having kids at a genetically reasonable time is counter-cultural.
  • [38:30] The joy and satisfaction that comes from having children is immense, but we don’t often hear about it.
  • [42:30] “I haven’t worked full-time in the entire 20 years, since I’ve had children”
  • [43:30] Where do you go to find a mate?
  • [47:00] How to argue, and is arguing helpful?
  • [48:30] “Not talking about something, does not mean that it goes away”
  • [50:30] The Alpha Female’s Guide – Suzanne’s most recent book
  • [54:00] Type A Women/Women in leadership positions and letting go of the need to control your Male mate.
  • [57:30] Mikhaila’s brush with Feminism in college helped fuel her father’s irritation of the campus culture