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#49 – Shane Mauss and The Purple God Lady

@Shane Mauss​ (stand-up comedian, psychonaut, science enthusiast) and Mikhaila Peterson discuss their experiences with psychedelics, some of the pseudo-science behind these trips, and how they both encountered “the purple lady” while experimenting with different substances. Mikhaila talks about her experience meeting the purple lady, they discuss Shane’s background, his exploration of science through his “Here We Are Podcast,” and some of his serious struggles when he created his documentary, “Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration of Psychedelics.”

Find more Shane Mauss on Twitter @shanecomedy and on his website​

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Show Notes:

[4:00​] Mikhaila Peterson starts the podcast by introducing Shane Mauss and he provides us with context for his background in comedy and why a lot of people consider him “the psychedelic comic”
[10:00​] Mikhaila goes into detail about her encounter with the “Purple Woman” and her life-changing psilocybin mushrooms trip
[11:00​] Shane and Mikhaila discuss common and not-so-common doses and dosages of psilocybin
[18:30​] Mikhaila talks about her second experience with seeing the purple lady while using 4-AcO-DMT
[23:30​] How Shane visualizes how the human brain works
[29:00​] Shane shares his experiences with the purple lady, including why others refer to her as his “DMT Girlfriend”
[32:00​] Discussion on the topic of time-dilation or time-variance that people experience on psychedelics. Mikhaila and Shane both feel and interpret information in a way that makes the 15 to 20 minute DMT experience feel like up to one thousand lifetimes
[41:00​] Shane talks through his first few times with dimethyltryptamine and the similar entities and features that would present themselves from one trip to another
[51:00​] Shane delves into the many conversations and the questions he would have with these entities that he would visit.
[1:01:00​] Shane talks about overseeing a friend using DMT and that this friend saw entities that “knew” who Shane was. After the experience was over, Shane’s friend described the entities to Shane, and Shane was amazed that the entities that his friend described sounded almost identical to the entities that Shane had seen many times.
[1:06:00​] Finding the Purple woman on Google images through the artist Hakan Hisim
[1:16:30​] Shane and Mikhaila compare stories about the dangers of dosing incorrectly or not having the knowledge to safely experiment with mind-altering tools like DMT

Find more Shane Mauss on his Podcast “Here We Are Podcast,” on his website​, in his documentary and on Twitter @shanecomedy

Check out Shane’s “Tales From the Trip” Purple Lady video on @Comedy Central Original’s YouTube here:…​

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Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson) is a Canadian podcaster, and health and diet blogger. Her podcast, ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast’ provides a platform where she hosts a wide range of experts to discuss health, cultural phenomena, politics, and other topics that are often shied away from. Her story of overcoming severe autoimmune and mood disorders with The Lion Diet and lifestyle alone, and subsequently becoming medication and symptom free, have inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Also recognized for her work with her father, Jordan B. Peterson (Canadian psychologist and author), Mikhaila’s main goals are to help people realize how much control they have over their own life, to encourage others to take responsibility for their physical and mental health, and to help show people that they have the power to better their lives, regardless of the cards drawn.