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#48 – Ayishat Akanbi

Ayishat Akanbi (writer, cultural commentator, fashion stylist) and Mikhaila discuss how Ayishat has crafted her social media presence to address the cultural issues that are occurring internationally, how the United States has encouraged other nations and cultures to re-examine the way they handle similar situations (like those brought forth by the American-led Black Lives Matter). They also discuss the importance of resilience, being mentally-strong when the world around us can be so turbulent, and Ayishat’s career as a successful fashion stylist for male musicians.

In this episode, Ayishat announces that she is writing a book!

Find more Ayishat on Twitter @Ayishat_Akanbi, and on Instagram @Ayishat_Akanbi

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Show Notes:
[2:30​] Mikhaila Peterson introduces Ayishat Akanbi to her viewers by starting with some inspirational quotes from Ayishat Akanbi’s Twitter. Ayishat’s Twitter quote – “Having the acceptable view on social issues does not innately make you a bitter person, It may only indicate how easily influenced you are.”
[4:00​] Ayishat fills in the audience about what she does for a living and who she is.
[5:30​] How did Ayishat get her start or interest in Psychology and Philosophy? She took a real interest in learning more about life and being after a tragic loss in 2012. She was inspired by thinkers like Osho and Carl Yung.
[8:00​] Many people are currently worried about speaking what’s really on their minds due to repercussions affecting career and social life.
[11:30​] Ayishat – “That’s what I’m really interested in. Showing people that we have more in common than we do apart and I don’t believe that people can take the moral high ground as easily as they do. That more what my interest is in rather than trying to win for my side. I don’t have a side, I don’t necessarily identify politically. I’m just interested in the human condition.”
[14:00​] Ayishat discusses “We’re getting so lost in self-righteousness that we can’t often see that we are behaving in the exact same ways that we accuse other people of.
[14:30​] Mikhaila asks Ayishat what some of the different social issues that are occurring in the UK as opposed to the United States in the last few years. Ayishat explains that the USA is such a dominant force online and on social media that issues will make their way overseas and can be viewed in the same light even if the situation overseas is different, a couple of recent examples include BLM and the police which are different in the UK than in The US.
[20:00​] Discrimination is currently being highlighted in the specific categories of race, gender, and political stance. There are lots of other areas that we as a society are lacking but it is easier to latch on to these narratives that have been outlined for us. There is a real danger in being the type of person who does not think that they could be wrong about a strongly held belief.
[25:00​] Mikhaila shares with Ayishat an example of a strongly held belief that she fought for many years which turned out to be completely wrong.
[30:00​] Mikhaila expresses she believes we as a society are being directed in a way that discourages difficult conversations with people you disagree with. Mikhaila asks Ayishat if she thinks the divide and anger that people are feeling is going to get worse. Ayishat comments – “It’s not about privilege to me it’s pragmatic. We have to exist with these people anyway.
[35:00​] Ayishat and Mikhaila discuss the importance of discerning if the content and information you are choosing to take in is toxic to your basic human traits of love, compassion, understanding, increasing knowledge, and more.
[38:00​] Mikhaila asks Ayishat to comment on the way a hateful expression of ideas is trending in society and the increase or decrease of politically correct speech.
[45:00​] Mikhaila and Ayishat talk about the importance of finding purpose in oneself.
[48:00​] Discussion on the importance of not characterizing people by their misfortunes but instead who they tell you they are.
[55:00​] Mikhaila asks Ayishat, how can people who go through unfortunate circumstances come out the other side a better person rather than being resentful and angry?

Find more Ayishat on Twitter @Ayishat_Akanbi, and on Instagram @Ayishat_Akanbi