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#42 – Dr. Dome – Biological Dentistry

@Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is a practitioner of biological dentistry and author of “It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness.”

Dr. Dome and I discuss biological dentistry, the teeth and mouths’ huge role in digestive and full-body health, some of the bad practices of modern dentistry, mercury (and how to remove it safely), wisdom teeth, and some alternative methods for oral care you may not have heard of.

Find more Dr. Dome (Dr. Dominic Nischwitz) on his website, on Instagram at @drdome1, on Youtube @Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

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Show notes:

[2:30] Introduction to Dr. Dominik Nischwitz.
[4:00] Discussing the differences between biological dentistry from conventional practices. Dr. Dome goes into detail about the planning phases all his patients go through when preparing for his procedure. Dr. Dome is a renowned specialist in ceramic implants and minimally invasive surgery.
[6:30] Dr. Dome goes into detail about the week-long process at his practice with a typical patient. So many of his patients are chronically ill with the sources stemming from their mouths; therefore giving a patient the best possible lead-in and recovery options is ideal to improve their overall health in addition to improving the mouth.
[8:30] Patients need to be in an anabolic state (able to build new tissue and bone) and not a catabolic state (chronically sick, the body breaks down tissue to use in other places) to recover and build muscle and bone and fully regenerate into their new clean healthy mouth.
[12:30] Dr. Dome explains that most of his patients are sick due to the types of foreign substances that dentists have been putting into their mouths.
[16:30] “Seventy percent of all chronic diseases, which is the epidemic of this century, start in your mouth.” “Your mouth is just an elongation of your brain. Thirty-two little tiny organs connected to your fifth brain nerve.”
[17:00] Mikhaila asks if there is a danger in having a regular dentist remove mercury fillings (as these are known now to be fairly toxic)? They discuss different procedure tools that Dr. Dome feels are necessary for any dentist looking to remove a toxic substance like mercury from a tooth.
[22:30] Mercury fillings are classified as highly toxic waste after and before use in the mouth so that might say something about how safe they are to use.
[23:30] “Biological dentistry means we treat your mouth like it’s a part of your body.” “Your mouth is the beginning of your digestive system. You know, the big tube that starts here and ends over there. Normal dentistry doesn’t treat it like that.”
[24:00] Breastfeeding for a year to a year and a half for babies can lead to positive physical changes in a baby’s face structure and tooth development.
[30:00] Dr. Dome expanded on what he means by a “cavitation”. F.D.O.J. (Fatty Degenerative Osteonecrotic Jawbone) can be a very debilitating cause of terrible pain and illness when cavities in the jawbone fill with bacteria and mold.
[43:00] A quick overview of fluoride’s effect on teeth.
[44:00] What kind of toothpaste should people be using? Do we as humans even need to use toothpaste? What is the best way to whiten teeth without wearing them down too much?
[46:30] Dairy, carbohydrates, and sugars create a furry of plaque on the teeth. Many people are finding when switching to low-carb diets eliminating many of these foods that their teeth become healthier and more resistant to cavities.
[50:30] What is Coconut oil pulling? Another alternative method to teeth brushing. No matter what your diet is just make sure your teeth are getting their nutrients.
[54:30] Teeth whiteness really depends on two things, 1. Teeth are rebuilding all the time and if they have the right minerals available, they should be very naturally white. 2. Foods we eat (coffee, red wine) can stain teeth and there are chemicals that a professional can use to bring teeth back to their natural color.
[56:30] Bone healing/regrowing protocol in dentistry started documented experimentation at least a hundred years ago with increasing vitamin b3 level (initially through cod liver oil). Dr. Dome re-emphasizes that “9 out of 10 chronic diseases are all lifestyle based.”

You can find more Dr. Dominic Nichawitz on his website, on Instagram at @drdome1, on Youtube at Dr. Dominik Nischwitz channel.