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#36 Wim Hof and Jordan Peterson

Wim Hof is an absolute legend, holding twenty-six world records for performing unbelievable feats of human conditioning and breaking barriers that science did not believe possible. Wim, Jordan B Peterson, and Mikhaila Peterson discuss those incredible feats, go into detail about exactly how to perform his breath work techniques, discuss his other unique conditioning methods, and delve into the idea of physically healing trauma through impacting DNA.

Attention: BEFORE attempting to follow the Wim Hof breathing exercise, please view this safety information –…

– Don’t take the method and techniques too lightly, they go deep and the effects can have a huge impact.
– Don’t do the breathing exercises in a swimming pool, before going underwater, beneath the shower, or piloting any vehicle, without proper supervision. Always practice in a safe environment.
– Keep in mind to do the exercises without forcing them, gradually build-up, and don’t exceed your limits.

Find more of Wim Hof in his book “The Wim Hof Method” and on his website

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Show Notes:

[3:30] Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson sit down with the legendary Wim Hof to discuss some of his amazing feats of human conditioning and scientific breakthroughs..
[5:00] Wim gives the condensed version of his story. Being a seeker of knowledge led eventually to making some of his discoveries like the Wim breathing method and the effects of cold therapy. He says it was simply a gut feeling that drew him to cold water and to nature, that it just felt right. Challenging himself in harsh unforgiving environments year after year has led to a mind and body connection many would believe to be impossible.
[13:30] Wim talks about how he is able to have control over systems in the body that scientists believed were autonomous, not something our conscious mind could connect to. Wim has been able, scientifically checked, to control his own vagus nerve, autonomic nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system by thinking about how he wanted them to react in a certain situation.
[16:00] The stress effects of cold water reactions on the body and mind.
[18:30] Talking about the Wim Hof breathing technique.
[21:00] Wim, Jordan, and Mikhaila all do the breathing technique together.
[27:00] The group discusses the experience of the ninety-second breath-hold. Spiking the Ph and the adrenal system.
[33:00] Effects of brain over body, Wim says scientific studies performed on him have led scientists to “Compelling evidence of the key components of the autonomous of the brain relating to mood regulation.”
[34:30] Discussion on the relationship between the breathing technique and cold therapy. Cold therapy is key to cardiovascular treatment. Take a cold shower (only cold side on) for at least thirty seconds and over ten days work towards two and a half minutes. This is another method to intentionally induce stress on the body to condition the mind on how to react in stressful situations.
[42:30] “Seek discomfort because discomfort becomes power.”
[45:00] How to fight and beat inflammation consciously.
[47:30] Wim explains the integration between the cold and breathing. He trains people with no previous experience and changes their paradigm about the cold and they see results that don’t seem possible.
[51:30] Ancestry forms our DNA and our weaknesses.
[56:00] Wim talks about his training camp in Poland, kind of like a boot camp in the military, where he takes people and helps them reform their minds and bodies through the techniques he himself used to become stronger than anyone thought possible.
[59:00] Voluntarily facing stress awakens the strength to overcome those obstacles. Cold, fasting, heat stress, and especially the breathing technique are accessible ways to stress our bodies voluntarily to build our mind body connection.
[1:02:00] “Breathing is right at the border between the conscious and unconscious mind.”
[1:03:00] provides more answers and the tools for anyone to start incorporating Wim’s amazing methods into daily life.
[1:08:00] Check out Wim’s book The Wim Hof Method to go into even greater detail.