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#33 Dr. Shawn Baker: the Carnivore Diet

“I try to be reserved on what I say or recommend, based not on speculation but on actual human outcomes. When the rubber meets the road are people getting better? That’s all I really care about. If it matches your ethics that’s great. If it doesn’t, sorry.”

Shawn Baker (author of The Carnivore Diet, multisport elite level athlete, orthopedic surgeon, and veteran) and I discuss the benefits of a carnivorous diet. Carnivorous diets are gaining popularity with professional and amateur athletes and in the healthcare community for treating people with chronic illness. Dr. Baker shares some stories about his life and his personal approach to staying healthy while eating only animal products and training extremely hard.

Find @Shawn Baker MD at @SBakerMD on Twitter, @shawnbaker1967 on Instagram, and his website

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Show Notes:

  • [3:00] Shawn Baker, the author of The Carnivore Diet, sits down with Mikhaila Peterson to discuss diet and life. Shawn was a big influence on Mikhaila starting the path of her Lion Diet.
  • [4:30] Shawn gives a little background on the many different careers and achievements he has accomplished in his life so far.
  • [7:00] Dr. Baker recounts the series of events that lead to him changing his view on diet combined with exercise. Personal experience with high-level athletics and even some patients he saw in his orthopedic practice improving through diet changes over time leading him to embrace a meat-only diet.
  • [10:00] Shawn talks about some of the research he has conducted on the long term health and sustainability of people who switch to the carnivore diet. Partnering with Dave Ludwig through Harvard university Shawn has started to gather survey data and is looking forward to doing interventional trials in people with chronic health problems hopefully in the near future
  • [15:00] Mikhaila has Shawn do a quick overview of what exactly the carnivore diet consists of and how he eats in his own version every day. Topics include eating grass-fed meat, eating organ meats to gain certain benefits.
  • [18:00] Mikhaila’s references one of her previous podcasts with Robb Wolf on the benefits of grass-fed beef.
  • [20:00] Shawn quote “Yeah, I think when you unnecessarily complicate things it does turn a lot of people off.” The Lion Diet (Mikhaila’s version of a carnivore diet) is simple. Beef, Salt, Water easy to remember and easy for a newer person to grasp to give it a try.
  • [21:30] The carnivore diet is primarily portrayed negatively in the media coverage that it gets.
  • [22:30] Mikhaila and Shawn talk about media bias when discussing certain hot-topic issues like the lion diet that might now fall in line with the current mainstream philosophy.
  • [27:30] Mikhaila references her recent podcast episode with Bjorn Lomborg in relation to how climate and how things get done via corporations when they see the investment potential.
  • [31:00] Dr. Baker answers some commonly asked questions about switching to an all-meat diet starting with how long it takes to start seeing results.
  • [32:30] Mikhaila gives Shawn an update on her current diet practices
  • [38.00] Mikhaila’s podcast episode #30 with Natasha Campbell-McBride with information on the GAPS diet.
  • [44:00] Shawn talks a bit about what he is doing at
  • [51:00] Dr. Baker comments on the relationship between the liver producing blood glucose and heavy anaerobic exercise.
  • [55:00] The Honey Debate. Is it good or a part of the carnivore diet?
  • [60:00] Find more on Dr. Shawn Baker and the Carnivore Diet at @SBakerMD on Twitter, @shawnbaker1967 on Instagram, his book The Carnivore Diet, YoutTube, World Carnivore Tribe on Facebook, and his website and the best place