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Episode 1: Aubrey Marcus - Practicing What You Preach, Getting Engaged, and the Human Experience

"Every guy that works out that’s natural wants to be accused of steroids because it’s proof that you just killed it."

Greg O’Gallagher is a fitness expert and founder of Kinobody where he teaches men how to get into Movie Star shape. Not just lose fat and gain muscle, but gain muscle in a specific proportion and lean down to under 10% body fat. His philosophy is honed in on intermittent fasting, lifting strategically 3x per week, and turning fitness into a lifestyle – where one can enjoy big steak dinners and cocktails and life outside the gym.  In the last few years Greg O’Gallagher has helped thousands of men get into movie star shape. He believes fitness should enrich your life, not consume it, and believes that the key to getting into incredible shape is actually very simple.

Show Notes:

  • [2:30] Greg’s journey into fitness started around 14
  • [4:00] Writing celebrity workout articles and entering the market
  • [8:00] Greg credits his mentor Rusty Moore with introducing him to fasting and Eat, Stop, Eat by Brad Pilon
  • [9:30] The Warrior Diet
  • [15:00] Greg and Mikhaila have the same meat guy!
  • [19:30] Psychedelics and micro-dosing
  • [22:00] Your nervous system is the powerhouse that recruits your muscle into action
  • [23:00] Overtraining and exercise rotations
  • [26:00] Eating mushrooms makes it feel like you’ve been doing the most advanced meditation with an expert for 10 years
  • [27:30] Steroid accusations and changing perspective on public opinion
  • [30:30] We need small, achievable goals on a daily basis
  • [36:00] Don’t focus on all the different exercises in the world, stick to what works. Stick to what will help you achieve your goals
  • [37:00] For Glutes: Hip ThrustsForward LungesGlute Bridges and Glute Activation.
  • [41:30] Create your exercise routine to match your specific goals
  • [43:00] The V-Shape and Male Shoulder to Waist ratio
  • [45:30] Strategically adding and balancing muscle
  • [46:30] DEXA scans
  • [50:00] Adding sodium and potassium during a fast
  • [54:30] Going too far and ending up with low-energy and low sex drive
  • [57:00] Flat stomach? Need a good calorie deficit diet, and walk!!