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Episode 28: Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein: An Intro to Bitcoin

Michael Goldstein (Bitcoin developer, educator, and evangelist) and I discuss the benefits of bitcoin, different strategies for utilizing bitcoin’s strengths, what a “node” is, his experience with the Carnivore diet (4+ years), and he answers the all-important question – “What is bitcoin?”

Find Michael Goldstein at his website, and on @bitstein

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Show notes:

  • [4:00] What is bitcoin?
  • [5:30] Basic economics – If you just start giving out money, it doesn’t actually help anyone, it just changes the prices.
  • [6:30] The benefits of Bitcoin
  • [7:00] There is a massively unfair advantage for the friends of the money printers of fiat currency
  • [8:00]  Bitcoin as a savings technology, not a get rich scheme
  • [11:30] “Bitcoin is like gold in the sense that it is a hedge against inflation”
  • [12:30] Mining cryptocurrencies
  • [15:30] The bitcoin network and proof of work
  • [18:00] Economic nodes and verifying your own transactions
  • [18:30] A node is a computer on the network that is validating, a full-nose is a bit more complicated
  • [21:00] Getting around the difficulty of utilizing bitcoin for multiple purposes
  • [22:00] Outside of America:
  • [23:00] “Bitcoin offers self-sovereignty”
  • [24:30] In America: Cash App is an easy way to get started with bitcoin
  • [26:00] Comparing bitcoin to traditional payment methods
  • [27:30] Typical asset allocation for bitcoin and DCA (dollar-cost averaging)
  • [32:00] Get rich quick vs. the long-term mentality
  • [34:30] The reasons that bitcoin is currently very volatile
  • [37:30] “Bitcoin is a free-flowing currency, there is no federal reserve of bitcoin to adjust the bitcoin interest rate to make it have a different purchasing power.”
  • [40:00] The largest global markets of bitcoin
  • [41:30] Differences of bitcoin and the “alt-shit coins”
  • [43:30] The security of bitcoin vs. alt-coins
  • [48:00] Bitcoin forks and splits
  • [53:00] The bitcoin cash fork war
  • [55:30] Bitstein’s journey with the carnivore diet