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Episode 25: Andrew Doyle: The Man Behind Titania McGrath

“The truth does matter, actually and you have to deal with the world as it is, not as you wish it to be and if you see something wrong you should try and change it.”

Andrew Doyle (British comedian, playwright, journalist, political satirist, and voice of Titania McGrath) and I discuss Titania McGrath, how Titania started, Titania’s banned/not banned cycle on twitter, the history of the social justice movement, how social justice and intersectionality has changed over the years, and being outed as the author of Titania McGrath. Don’t forget to check out Titania’s new book “My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism”

Find Andrew Doyle at his website, and on twitter @TitaniaMcGrath

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Show Notes:

    • [3:00] Starting Titania McGrath; a satirical take on the social justice ideology
    • [5:00] Hiding Titania McGrath’s identity
    • [6:00] Releasing Titania’s first book, “Woke: A Guide to Social Justice”
    • [8:30] Defining “Woke” (a brief history behind the word)
    • [11:30] “If all woke means is to be alert to social injustice, why would you be anti-that?… because it doesn’t mean that anymore.”
    • [14:30] How Andrew learned to speak the language of Titania McGrath
    • [16:00] “The reason why these people use all this jargon is that publishers don’t understand it, and they’ll just pass it through and all of this stuff gets published because again, everyone is too scared to say, I don’t know what that means.”
    • [16:30] The influence of French postmodernist theories
    • [18:00] Cyclical Theories by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay
    • [19:00] Kimberlé Crenshaw and Intersectionality
    • [22:00] Titania McGrath’s book, “My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism.” and other woke children’s books
    • [26:00] Ideologies in the education system
    • [30:00] Catholic churches infiltrated with social justice
    • [34:30] “You are supporting a movement that doesn’t want you in existence, when it comes to the private schools.”
    • [35:00] “If you disagree with the movement, it seems like you are saying black lives don’t matter. We all think black lives matter, that argument was won decades ago. There is nobody that think’s black lives don’t matter. But some of us don’t believe that we should abolish the capitalist system in its entirety, that’s not to say there are no flaws.”
    • [38:00] Social Justice system weaponizing Coronavirus
    • [42:00] The negative backlash from Titania McGrath
    • [46:30] “Stand up comics aren’t themselves, they are kind of a theatrical version of themselves”
    • [48:00] Self-deprecating humour in different cultures
    • [50:00] Titania getting cancelled on Twitter, “Now I know how Nelson Mandela felt.”
    • [55:00] Social Justice ideology as an Authoritarian and Illiberal movement
    • [59:00] “Martin Luther King advanced this idea of color-blindness; a beautiful idea that doesn’t mean you don’t notice race, it just means you don’t treat people differently because of race.”
    • [1:02:00] “The liberal perspective is that everyone has the right to speak how they want, to speak and say what they want to say about themselves and about others and it solves everything.”
    • [1:03:00] Social engineering through dictating language
    • [1:04:00] “I’m on board with equal rights for everyone, I am not on board with the imposition of language”