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Episode 23: Dr. Marc Mani and The Art of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Marc Mani (one of the top Beverly Hills Plastic surgeons) and I discuss scarless facial surgery, his MIST procedure using stem cells, whether or not plastic surgery is dangerous or addictive, the most popular surgeries in Hollywood, plastic surgery FAQ’s and we address the question: is Botox actually preventative?

Find Dr. Mani at his website and on Instagram

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Show Notes:
[4:00] A son of an Artist mother and a Surgeon Father
[5:30] Plastic Surgery is more common than people think.
[6:30] Lifting up the facial muscle layer without creating scars.
[9:00] “..If you can technically do the operation and skip the scar here, you’ll have obviously a pleat of skin..and the way I get around that is by lifting the ear up and then anchoring the conchal cartilage to the bone.”
[11:30] “particularly in a mature patient, when you make the rest of their face younger. They still have the maturity and wisdom in their eyes but have a younger-looking face.
[12:30] Plastic Surgeons are considered a Psychiatrist with a scalpel.
[14:30] What to look for in a Plastic Surgeon
[16:00] All about MIST: Minimally Invasive Stromal Vascular Transfer
[20:30] Anti-Ageing beauty techniques that actually work
[25:00] Dr. Mani’s thoughts on Fillers and PDO thread lifts
[28:30] The Fox Eye Lift and Oculoplastic Surgery
[31:00] “Eye contacts and the tissues around the eyes are things you don’t want to trifle with”
[33:00] The most common plastic procedures for males
[36:30] Plastic Surgery in Runway Models.
[37:00] Recovery time for facelifts and surgery as an essential business in Hollywood
[38:00] Botox can be preventative
[39:30] Social Media and its effect on an increase of younger patients
[40:30] Suggested age requirements for surgeries
[42:00] Parenting a teenager in the age of social media
[44:00] Dealing with the backlash of the body positivity client.
[46:30] Breast implant illness and ways to deal with it
[50:30] Percentage of procedures between men and women
[52:00] Buccal Fat Removal
[53:30] Costs of different Plastic Surgery procedures
[55:00] Augmenting your chin with chin implants
[57:00] Dr. Mani’s book that is in the works.