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Work Smart, Not Hard – How Anyone Can Invest

I’m joined by entrepreneur and investor, @CodieSanchez. Codie has spent a decade on Wall Street and investing millions of dollars into multiple businesses. In this episode, we discussed how to buy businesses without assets, her upbringing, hiring the right people, knowing when to invest in a business, the mental toll of ambition, how to move up quickly, and much more. Enjoy!

Founder and CEO of Contrarian Thinking, one of the fastest growing financial media businesses with 6 million followers and 100 million monthly views. Founder of Contrarian Thinking Capital, a venture capital firm, and Main Street Holding Company with 25+ small or what we call “boring businesses.” Think of car washes, laundromats, property management companies, etc.

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[0:00] Intro
[1:30] Codie’s background
[3:57] What did Codie’s parents provide
[6:25] How to motivate your kids
[10:30] Fuller Health
[11:20] Codie’s achievements
[14:40] How to know when to invest
[16:20] How to own a business without any assets
[21:05] Building a company vs. buying a company
[23:21] How to hire the right people
[29:56] Codie’s journalism career into finance
[32:10] Air Oasis
[33:37] Why people desire money
[38:22] How can people learn
[40:38] Can aspirations be mentally unhealthy?
[46:19] Portfolio trends since 2008
[49:18] Difference between angel investing and venture capitalism
[50:12] Learning to build a business online
[57:38] How to move up quickly
[1:03:45] Codie’s upcoming plans

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