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Julian Peterson on Family Fame, Privacy, and Childhood

My brother, Julian Peterson, makes his first-ever appearance on my podcast! We discussed our childhood, similarities and differences between ourselves and to our parents, how he dealt with Dad’s fame, why he chose a more private life than I did, his current projects, and more. Enjoy! 

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[00:00] Intro
[04:10] Why Julian chooses to be more private than the rest of the family
[09:52] How Essay is doing
[15:57] How Julian’s views differ from our Dad’s
[19:00] Our different university experience
[23:55] How Julian’s views differ from mine
[26:21] Did we fight when we were kids?
[29:10] Is it difficult having a “controversial” family?
[34:00] How Julian dealt with Dad’s sudden rise to fame
[36:24] Why Julian was better at boundaries
[41:40] Why start a family so young?
[49:15] Which parent are we more similar to?
[52:05] How Julian dealt with my suffering growing up
[56:15] Julian’s disagreeableness
[58:30] Julian’s new café in Toronto!

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