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Jordan Peterson on Divorce, Breakups, Jealousy, and Dark Personality Traits

Dad is back on my podcast! We covered divorce, breakup advice, managing jealousy, dark personality traits to look out for, what the Red Pill community gets wrong, how to plan your goals, can you teach introverts to be extroverts and more! Enjoy!

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[00:00] Intro
[00:40] How much Harvard paid Dad
[06:46] When is divorce the right option?
[14:50] My family’s personality chart
[17:20] Divorce statistics
[20:00] Dad vs. Elmo
[22:03] Advice for people getting over a breakup
[27:27] The problem with the Red Pill community
[30:30] What qualities should men & women look for?
[38:15] Dark personality traits in dating
[46:30] How women can obtain status
[50:25] Advice for New Years Resolutions
[57:55] How to manifest a goal
[1:06:10] How to manage jealousy
[1:07:00] Should you dress your spouse?
[1:14:50] Can you teach introverts to be extroverts?
[1:16:00] Why you should be disagreeable
[1:24:50] Learning to run Dad’s businesses

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