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Cutting Edge Regenerative Medicine: 2024

Dr. Adeel Khan is an expert in musculoskeletal medicine, pain medicine, and regenerative medicine with treatments such as stem cells, peptides, nerve treatments, & PRP. From the University of Toronto, he focuses on science-based bodybuilding and dispels popular gimmick-based approaches to health and fitness.

@theregendoc returns to my podcast! In this episode we discussed gene therapy, the Vagus Nerve, Klotho Peptides, exercise for chronic illness and why that works and how all these treatments and more can keep you young and healthy or reverse chronic illness. Cutting edge stuff. Enjoy!

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[00:00] Intro
[03:00] What Dr. Khan specializes in
[06:35] What is gene therapy?
[11:45] Could this help with COVID?
[13:20] Treating vaccine injuries
[15:00] What is a bioregulator?
[19:50] What are the Vagus Nerves?
[29:12] Dr. Khan’s beauty treatments
[35:22] What are Klotho Peptides?
[37:40] Bryan Johnson on Klotho
[38:20] Stem cell injection benefits
[42:00] Mom’s experience with stem cell therapy
[44:00] Different types of cancer treatments
[50:30] Cell Suppression Theory
[52:20] Not sweating in the sauna
[54:30] Price of stem cells
[56:30] Where to get gene therapy
[1:02:00] Joint replacement treatments
[1:05:55] How to lessen scars
[1:07:50] Mental health treatments

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