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Pregnancy and Advice Q and A

Hey guys! Here’s my pregnancy update q and a from an extremely pregnant me. Enjoy! I spoke about relationship advice (hello third trimester anger 😂), pregnancy birth plan, diet, mat leave, surrogacy, symptoms, daycare impacts and my views on that, nannies, and more.

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[0:00] – Intro
[01:38] – Why did I hide the pregnancy all this time?
[07:21] – What can a husband do to help a pregnant wife?
[11:40] – Am I still working? (and Peterson Academy)
[15:20] – When am I due? And boy or girl?
[16:30] – How soon after mold exposure did I get pregnant?
[18:40] – Negative effects of daycare?
[24:13] – Would I consider a surrogacy?
[28:02] – What is my birth plan?
[35:12] – How to prevent stretch marks?
[36:24] – How has my diet been during pregnancy?
[40:10] – Am I eating organ meat?
[40:00] – Blood sugar issues?
[40:45] – Do doctors get mad at my diet?
[42:40] – Am I worried about my diet’s effect on the baby?
[45:28] – Resentment towards partner during pregnancy?
[49:00] – Will I co-sleep with the baby?
[50:00] – What are my plans for postpartum rest?
[52:10] – What were my pregnancy symptoms?
[54:0o] – Wrap up and plans!