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How to Avoid Following the Latest Trends

This was a stimulating episode. @sargonofakkad and I discussed how the world has changed in the past 100 years, whether Britain is a failing country, the problems of liberalism, assisted dying, and enjoying life! Enjoy!

Carl Benjamin is a British free-speech activist who came to prominence through his YouTube pseudonym Sargon of Akkad. An outspoken critic of identity politics, Benjamin is a champion of English Liberalism, pushing back against the ideological subversion of the liberal society.  Benjamin continued creating content on his new main channel @Akkad Daily, until November 2020, when he launched his new media venture

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[0:00] Intro
[1:00] Is Carl a conservative?
[2:30] Problems with ideologies and judging morality
[9:30] How have our lives changed from 100 years ago?
[12:50] Has lack of religion in the west made us lose ourselves?
[20:20] Why is Britain declining?
[31:30] How Canada and the US compare to the UK
[33:50] Is Britain doomed?
[35:18] The ancient history of Britain and the Vikings
[37:43] Liberalism, fairy tales and tribes
[47:05] Why Carl isn’t on Youtube
[53:00] Is Carl’s ‘traditionalism’ an ideology?
[57:40] Don’t touch things that you don’t understand if they work
[1:01:40] British and Canadian healthcare systems
[1:03:30] MAID and assisted dying
[1:09:30] Enjoying the ride of life
[1:11:48] Your 20s vs your 40s